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How do I download my Digital Magazine or Journal
  1. Go to the Messiah Journal or Messiah Magazine archives pages. or
  2. Sign into your Core account if you are not already signed in.
  3. Click on the Journal or Magazine cover you want to open.
  4. After you see the Journal or Magazine fully displayed on the screen, click on the Download icon that appears in the bottom toolbar inside the Digital edition:
  5. To download the Digital flippingbook application, select "Mac Offline Publication" or "Windows Offline Publication", and save this to your desktop, and unzip the file.
  6. To download the PDF version, select "Full Publication". Selecting this option will most likely open the PDF of the Magazine or Journal in your browser, from where you can save it to your desktop.
  7. You can create a full offline library of both the Digital applications (digital Flipbook), and the PDF versions.
  8. The Digital application can not be downloaded in tablets and phones. If you wish to keep a library of the publications on your tablet, we suggest you download the PDF.

Copyright notice: Digital Editions of all First Fruits of Zion publications are protected by copyright. We request that you do not share any of these digital publications on social media networks, or distribute any of these files electronically, via email, or by any other means. Your subscription is for personal use only.

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