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Store Account

What is a Store account?

A Store account gives users access to their Store account purchases, profiles, and generally makes purchasing resources at the FFOZ Resources Store easier, although it is not a requirement for purchasing anything at the Store.

  1. You can also checkout as a Guest at our online Store, if you plan to purchase regularly, or more than once, it makes sense to create an online Store account, as your Shipping addresses, billing addresses, and other profile information will be saved, so you do not have to enter this every time you shop online.
  2. You can create a Store account here, or when you place your first order.
  3. Your Store account is separate from an online Core account. The latter is used for other services like FFOZ Friends, Torah Club, HaYesod, and Digital subscriptions, etc.

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Do I need to register to order online?

No. You can order any resources at our online Store without registering an account. You simply have to use the "Checkout as guest" feature when you are ready to pay for the products you are ordering.

  1. While you can checkout as a Guest at our online Store, if you plan to purchase more than once, or regularly, it makes sense to create an online account, as your shipping and billing addresses, and other profile information will be saved, so you do not have to enter this every time you shop online.
  2. There are some digital resources at our online Store that will require the creation of a Core member account in order to access these resources.

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When I purchase at your Store, will I start getting email promotions?

No! Your email is never automatically added to any of our email subscription lists without your explicit request to do so.

  1. When you purchase at our Store, your information will be used to process your order only.
  2. You could receive a one-time email with an offer to subscribe to our emails, but this is on an opt-in basis, as we never subscribe you without your permission.
  3. When you purchase something at our Store, or when you register a Store account, there is an option that you can select to receive our Resource Update emails, see screenshot below.
  4. Should you wish to choose from a range of updates and email teaching newsletters, you can do so here: Email Newsletters.

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Can I use my Core account password at the Store?
  1. Your Core account login (username and password) is not automatically valid at our Resources Store.
  2. You have to create a separate account at our Store in order to purchase resources, or you can purchase and checkout as a Guest without the need to sign in.
  3. If you already have both accounts (Core account and Store account), and would like to use the same password, we suggest you update your Store account password and make it the same as your Core account.
  4. If you already have a online Store account, you can update your Store account in your Store profile here.
  5. Keep your account passwords synchronized in order to avoid confusion.
  6. If you reset your password or change information in either of these two accounts, remember to update them both if you wish.

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Can I synchronize my Store and Core accounts?

As these accounts are used for different services, and are on different servers, we do not automatically synchronize user's Store and Core accounts.

If you wish to make signing into these websites easier, we suggest you simply reset and use the same password on both sites.

You will find the reset password routine on the sign-in page for each service:

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