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Cannot reset my Core account because my email address changed

If the email address you have on your account is no longer accessible, and you cannot sign into your account, please open a support request to our Customer Care Team, and list both your old email address, and the new email address you wish to use.

We will change your email address, and afterwards send you an update and instructions to reset your account.

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What is a Core account?

A Core account gives you access to additional free and premium resources, and services provided by First Fruits of Zion for members. These are not available unless you create an account.

  1. These include, premium online resources adapted from Torah Club Commentary Sets, the HaYesod Program for online students, digital Journal and Magazine subscriptions, the FFOZ Friends resources, Torah Club Leaders and Students.
  2. When you create a Core account, you can access the Account Dashboard where your resources and services are clearly displayed.
  3. A Core account is separate from a regular Store account where products are purchased.

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Can I synchronize my Store and Core accounts?

As these accounts are used for different services, and are on different servers, we do not automatically synchronize user's Store and Core accounts.

If you wish to make signing into these websites easier, we suggest you simply reset and use the same password on both sites.

You will find the reset password routine on the sign-in page for each service:

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How do I reset my Core account password?

One 1 March, 2019, we launched a new Account Dashboard and authentication system for,,, and other FFOZ websites, excluding the FFOZ online Store.

Unless you have already refreshed or created your account since 1 March 2019, you cannot reset your password, as all old passwords have been removed.

If you have already refreshed or created your account since 1 March 2019, you can reset your password here.

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