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Core Community

Core Account

What is a Core account?

A Core account gives Core members access to additional free and premium resources and services provided by First Fruits of Zion that are not available unless you register.

  1. These include, premium online resources adapted from some of our Journals, Magazines, or Torah Club study material, the HaYesod Program, digital Journal and Magazine subscriptions, the FFOZ Friends resources, and the Core community forum.
  2. When you sign up as a Core member, you are automatically added to our Email Newsletter list. Unsubscribe options are easily available on all Email Newsletters.
  3. Your Core account is separate from a Store account.

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Can I synchronize my Store and Core accounts?

As these accounts are used for different services, and are services by different applications, we do not automatically synchronize user's Store and Core accounts.

If you wish to make signing into these websites easier, we suggest you simply reset and use the same password on both services.

You will find the reset password routine on the sign-in page for each service:

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My account shows a status of "pending email confirmation"

Before you can sign in, or use your account, it must be activated.

  1. When you signed up for your Core account, you received an email with a link requesting that you activate/confirm your account.
  2. If you cannot find the original email with the activation link, you can generate a new activation link here:

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My Core account shows a status of "paused"
  1. It might be possible that you entered an incorrect email address when you registered. Try signing up again.
  2. When emails to your address are returned back undelivered, your account might be paused and you will not be able to sign in. Send us a note to check, and re-activate your account, and supply us with a new email address if necessary.
  3. A paused or inactive account will be deleted after a certain period of time.

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Steps to reset your Core account password
  1. On the login screen, click the "Forgot Password" link. The following screen will appear. Enter your Email or Username in the field and click Continue:
  2. Now check your email, and find the six-digit code we sent you. On this screen, enter your username as it apears in your email, and the six-digit code, and click Continue again:
  3. The following screen will appear if you entered the correct information. You are now successfully signed into your account. Now enter a new password twice (minimum of 6 characters). Enter the password twice, exactly the same password, and click Update Account:
  4. On the final screen, the following will appear if you successfully updated your account password. Note the text indicated with the red arrow: "Your Core account has been updated!". If you do not see this text, some of the information you entered was not correct, and you can continue from here and update your profile.

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