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Discover Israel’s History and Prophetic Vision in the Knesset Menorah

The Knesset Menorah standing opposite the Knesset in Israel is a fourteen-foot-high bronze sculpture designed by Benno Elkan and completed in 1956. Adorning the branches of this giant menorah are twenty-nine individual reliefs—miniature sculptures depicting facets of Jewish thought and history.

All the reliefs from the Knesset Menorah are presented in this beautiful, full-color, oversized coffee-table book from First Fruits of Zion. The full-color pages, with stunning photographs by FFOZ Founder and Director Boaz Michael, not only capture the detail of all the mini-sculptures, but also encapsulate their biblical, historical, and visionary essence in quotations and descriptive text on every page.

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An iconic work of art in Israel captured in exquisite photographic detail

From the patriarch Abraham to the foundation of the modern State of Israel, each relief illustrates the struggles and aspirations of the Jewish people and concepts from the Hebrew Bible.


Adorning the branches of the menorah are twenty-nine individual reliefs—miniature sculptures depicting twenty-nine facets of Jewish thought and history.


On each double-page spread we present a relief with a biblical quotation. A short description analyzes each relief and creates a beautiful, pictorial history book.


The Knesset Menorah is a tapestry of Jewish history, and Boaz Michael captures this iconic work of art in exquisite photographic detail, ideal for learning and sharing.

Relief Descriptions

The Knesset Menorah is broadly patterned after the sacred lampstand that stood in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem: seven branches—one in the center and three on each side. It is vertically symmetrical; aside from those on the center branch, each relief has a counterpart on the opposite branch in the same position. These sets of opposite reliefs provocatively juxtapose two ideas or events—a creative expression of tension.

The information and relief descriptions give the reader a visual overview of the menorah, with each relief name accompanied by a representative number indicating the location on the sculpture.

The Knesset Menorah relief descriptions
The Knesset Menorah introduction

Branches of Time

One could be forgiven for overlooking it; the Knesset Menorah is just one of many governmental, educational, and historical structures and sights in Givat Ram. Once seen, however, it cannot be forgotten; it casts a long spiritual shadow—a shadow encompassing four thousand years of Jewish history.

'Branches of Time' is an 8-page introduction to the Knesset Menorah—a short essay assisting the reader with the historical background that makes its symbolism so significant. You will also learn about its design history, the sculptor, Benno Elkan, and how it artistically casts our vision forward to the final redemption.


"Now the LORD said to Abram, 'Go from your country and your kindred and your father’s house to the land that I will show you…'" (Genesis 12)

At the bottom of the inner-left branch of the menorah, the patriarch Abraham is presented with open arms and bowed head, indicating his total submission to God and willingness to obey even the most difficult commands.

Abraham is placed opposite Jacob, who symbolizes the trials of the Jewish people and the exile from the land.

The Knesset Menorah, Abraham
The Knesset Menorah, the State of Israel

The State of Israel

"I will restore the fortunes of my people Israel, and they shall rebuild the ruined cities and inhabit them…" (Amos 9)

The largest relief on the menorah sits at its very foundation and illustrates the founding of the modern State of Israel. Workers plant trees, dig wells, quarry and carve stones, plow the land, and reap its bounty.

The founding of the State of Israel is placed opposite Moses at Rephidim, both being at extreme ends of the central branch of the menorah.

Plus, 29 more full-page spreads like the above!

78 Pages Perfect Bound Size: 9 x 13 inches


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Take home The Knesset Menorah. Learn and share Israel's history and prophetic future from this educational and thought-provoking book.

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This beautiful 78-page book is educational and thought-provoking, presented with a luxury of images. Buy as a gift or for displaying on your coffee table.

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