Tent of David

Healing the Vision of the Messianic Gentile

A Vision for Reformation

Tent of David was written to inspire a majestic vision for the reformation of Christianity—to bring the church back to its foundations, eliminate supersessionism, establish a Jewish understanding of faith in Yeshua, and bring it into solidarity with Israel.

The informed Messianic Gentile is uniquely suited to accomplish this goal. The Holy Spirit has begun a renewed awakening within the hearts of believers around the globe. Through kindness, good deeds, and a powerful, active witness, we can help put the church back on solid footing and contribute to the Kingdom directives of Yeshua.

In order to accomplish this vision, Boaz Michael proposes a radical solution, one that he has lived out and which bears much fruit. He hopes to multiply his efforts by encouraging many others to join with him in this mission.

A Need for Transformation

Messianic Gentiles are going to have to step out, establish and prioritize new starting points, and have greater love, patience and acceptance of others in order for this vision to materialize.

Tent of David tells a story of transformation. It is a call for change. It gives practical advice, offers needed correction, and outlines a clear and effective strategy to affect change among those who already have a heart for our Jewish Messiah.

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Tent Builders

Rebuild the Tent, Honor the Messiah, Change the Church

A Training Course Implementing the Vision of Tent of David

Tent Builders prepares and equips you to implement the vision and mission cast in the book, Tent of David: Healing the Vision of the Messianic Gentile. This course expands upon and focuses on the application of a restorative and healing vision.


The Tent Builders course is intended to implement the vision of the book, Tent of David: Healing the Vision of the Messianic Gentile. Participants will be required to pre-read the book and be in general agreement with its ideals. This event is for those who share in this common vision and goal. Once registered you will receive the pre-course materials to view, read, and internalize prior to the meeting.

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Fresh Comments about the Book

Practical advice for Messianic Gentiles

Boaz Michael's Tent of David presents a groundbreaking vision for Messianic Gentiles and their role in furthering God's plan for Israel and the Church. Boaz Michael's practical advice for Messianic Gentiles who encounter challenging circumstances in their journey is both sensitive and practical. — Dr. Carl Kinbar

Worthy of serious consideration

Tent of David is a very helpful study of an important and relevant topic among followers of Yeshua. It is a most worthwhile book and definitely worthy of your serious consideration. — Rabbi Dr. John Fischer

Gives practical steps toward developing the Messianic Gentile's identity

The Messianic Jewish Movement is deeply indebted to Boaz Michael for writing Tent of David. There has been a gaping hole in the Messianic Jewish movement's identity regarding the place and identity of non-Jews among us. Messianic Judaism historically has focused its attention on who we, as Messianic Jews are, and developing the parameters of Messianic Judaism. The problem has been that as we developed our own identities, we did not do so for Messianic non-Jews among us. This sin of omission was not intentional. We were busy trying to work out who we are and couldn't define who others are in relation to us until we first knew who we are and what we stand for. Many Messianic Gentiles were patient with our movement as we developed, while others, out of a need to define themselves, took matters into their own hands, adding to the confusion. Boaz Michael's book clearly looks at the issues with a heart for people who were genuinely called to be in the Messianic movement, and gives practical steps toward building and developing the identity of the Messianic Gentile. He speaks with kindness, compassion and wisdom. I recommend this book for everyone who is part of, or seeking to understand Messianic Judaism. — Rabbi Dr. Michael Schiffman, Executive Director, Chevra USA

A book for serious people to rise to the challenge of the kingdom

Messianic Gentiles come in different shapes and sizes. Some are Jewish savvy Christians in churches. Some left churches after starting on a Jewish roots path. Some are involved in healthy Messianic Jewish congregations, coming alongside the Jewish people in partnership. Most share one thing in common: difficulty in finding their identity and purpose in the confusing world of institutional religion. Tent of David is energizing, purpose-shaping, a book making such people want to rise to the challenge of the kingdom that Yeshua issued and will surely bring to earth. — Derek Leman, Rabbi, Writer, Speaker

Challenges Messianic Gentiles to consider their vital contribution

Finally, a book that challenges Messianic Gentiles to consider the vital contribution they can make to the Christian world and to the Jewish community as active members of local churches. While not all Messianic Gentiles will agree with Boaz Michael's conclusions, all will benefit from grappling with his observations and the vision he presents in Tent of David. I highly recommend this book to Gentile believers in Yeshua who are drawn to Judaism and the Jewish roots of their faith. — Rabbi David Rudolph, Ph.D., Tikvat Israel Messianic Synagogue, Richmond, VA

The relationship between the Church and Israel

Boaz Michael's passionate and provocative thesis must be taken seriously by anyone concerned with the relationship between the Church and Israel, and between Jewish and Gentile believers in the body of the Messiah. He challenges believers from the nations to take seriously their identity and responsibility as partners with their Messianic Jewish brothers and sisters. He calls for a new reformation of the whole Church as a renunciation of supersessionism (that the Church has replaced Israel) and in recognition of the Jewish origins and continuing rootedness of the Church itself in Israel. This attempt to restore the Jewishness of the Church in a way that is biblical, practical and theologically mature will raise controversy in some quarters, but will resonate with many who long for the restoration of Israel and the renewal of the Church. — Dr Richard Harvey, Associate Lecturer, Hebrew Bible and Messianic Jewish Studies All Nations College, UK

A great service to the Messianic Movement

Boaz Michael has rendered a great service to the Messianic Movement and the Church with his new book “Tent of David.” With clarity and wisdom, he calls on Messianic Gentiles to confirm their place in the body of the Messiah and within the Church without compromising the Jewish roots of Christianity or their commitment to the Israel of God. I want every household in my congregation to have a copy of this book. I also intend to make it available in all areas of my ministry within the Messianic Movement and the Christian Churches. — H Bruce Stokes, PhD, Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences at California Baptist College Pastor / Teacher, The DiscipleCenter Congregation, Vice-president, Union of Messianic Believers, Vice-president, Southern Baptist Messianic Fellowship

Solid middle ground

Boaz's new book is very important. It provides a solid middle ground for Gentiles to embrace a Messianic Jewish perspective that will bring a reformation to those who follow his good advice. It steers between so many of the pitfalls of todays search for Jewish roots. While embracing the Church, it calls the Church to rethink its identity as part of the commonwealth of Israel. — Dr. Daniel Juster, Director, Tikkun Ministries International

A vision for re-engaging larger Christianity with the teachings of Messianic Judaism

The Hebrew Roots movement has hurt itself enormously by divorcing itself from the institutional Christian church. Too many Christians who get excited about Hebrew Roots or Messianic Judaism forfeit relationships with family, friends, and the larger body of Christ, leaving them in a perilous no-man's land--neither fish nor fowl--where they are preyed upon by false-teachers and many other spiritual dangers. Boaz Michael graciously lays out a vision for re-engaging larger Christianity with the teachings of Messianic Judaism. More than that, he outlines practical ways to keep people engaged within conventional church bodies while living out their new-found convictions. Should be required reading for every Gentile Christian engaging with the Jewishness of his or her faith. — Daniel Lancaster, Educational Director, First Fruits of Zion

An invitation to share this message with Christians

In Tent of David, Boaz Michael has created a cutting edge resource that is much needed in today's turbulent Messianic Gentile movement. For too long, Gentiles who come to the understanding of Torah and the Jewish roots of Jesus have completely left and rejected the church, even demonizing it on the way out. While some of these individuals have found healthy Messianic congregations, far too many of them have enjoyed little too no fellowship with other believers. Boaz is not suggesting that the church does not need fixing, but instead he suggests that many of these same Gentiles are called to be a part of the solution. This is not a call to walk away from Torah, but instead is an invitation to share this message with Christians while legitimately fellowshipping and worshipping within the church. Tent of David points Gentiles in the right direction and effectively equips them with the tools and philosophy to be agents of long lasting change in the body of Messiah. — Toby Janicki, Staff Teacher, First Fruits of Zion

The day is short, the task is abundant, the laborers are lazy, the wage is great, and the Master of the house is insistent. (Pirkei Avot 2:20)