Torah Clubhouse - B'reisheet Sample

Parashah Puzzle DOWN 1. Adam’s partner 2. Chavah blamed _____ when she ate the fruit 3. Was cursed to crawl on it’s belly and eat dust 5. Name of this portion ACROSS 4. God created the heavens and the _____ 6. The first man 7. Adam and Chavah were not to eat from the Tree of _____ 8. An angel with a flaming sword guarded the way to the Tree of _____ 9. God placed Adam and Chavah in the garden of _____ 10. God called the darkness _____ 1 2 4 5 3 6 7 8 10 9 Color & Create the World 1. BLACK 2. YELLOW 3. SEA BLUE 4. GRASS GREEN 5. LIGHT GREY 6. DARK GREY Games & Things Messiah-Centered Torah Learning from the Weekly Torah Portion Join our Clubhouse @ Portion B’reisheet Lesson 1 | Oct 2019 ABOUT: Messiah-Centered Torah Learning from the Weekly Torah Portion. Torah Clubhouse is where young disciples learn and is a weekly publication of First Fruits of Zion and our FFOZ Friends . For information and personal or group subscription information visit or write Loving Others provide for people in need HaShem made garments of skin for Adam and his wife, and clothed them. (Genesis 3:21) In the beginning, God created Adam— the first human—in His own image. God brought every creature to the human to see if he might find a partner. Nothing was like Adam. God put a deep sleep over Adam and formed a partner for him from his own body. Adam called her Chavah. God placed them in the garden of Eden. There were trees there, but God told Adam never to eat from the one called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. But Adam did eat from it. When he ate from the tree, his eyes were opened to the normal world, and he noticed his body for the first time. He was ashamed to find that he had a body like an animal but a creative mind like God’s. A godly soul had been placed into a body like that of a chimpanzee! Adam and Chavah hid their bodies with leaves. God saw that they were ashamed, and He gave them clothing. Adam and Chavah were ashamed only because they disobeyed God, and God still helped them to hide their shame—amazing! Yeshua teaches us to provide for people who need basic things like clothes to wear. In the kingdom, the Messiah will say to the righteous people, “When I was naked, you gave me clothes!” But the righteous people will ask, “When did we give you clothes?” Yeshua will say, “When you did this for the smallest of my brothers, you did this for me!” We are all created in the image of God. Just as God provided clothing for Adam and Chavah, we should provide for those in need. Series inspired by Rabbi Zelig Pliskin’s book, Love Your Neighbor. Adventures of the Clubhouse CREW Torah In Action Oh my goodness, Max, this is amazing! SCHOOL CLOTHES FOR KIDS “...and on the tenth day God made clothes!” Haha! Hashem made garments of skin for Adam and his wife... Miss Johnson says some kids don’t have new clothes for school We’re back at it—a new school year. You all look great in your new school clothes! It wasn’t just me, it was the crew from the Torah Clubhouse! Thank You! Did you know the first school buses were farm wagons pulled by horses Noah, how do you know so much!? See You Tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring your football! Let’s Do this! I’M Ready The Chumash is up here! Let’s Help! Avi, you’ll collect the clothes and Max will bring them to school. more we should have a clothing drive for kids at school! Seriously Max?1?!