Rethinking The Five Solae

Luther’s hatred for the Jews is not the only problem Messianic Judaism should have with Protestantism. The Five Solae themselves are at the root of Protestant anti-Semitism. This book re-examines the Five Solae from a Messianic Jewish perspective and reveals them to be inimical to a truly Messianic Jewish theology and worldview. As they are normally understood, the Five Solae are designed to exclude Jews as much as Catholics from any definition of true and biblical religion. First Fruits of Zion Israel / United States / Canada 800–775–4807 The International Monument to the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland, also known as “Reformation Wall,” honors the chief personalities of the Protestant Reformation by depicting them in statues and bas-reliefs. The Wall, built to commemorate the 400th anniversary of John Calvin’s birth, is on the grounds of the University of Geneva. (Image: Hector Christiaen /