Hitler: Warlord and Spiritualist

Hitler as Warlord and Spiritualist           13 H I T L E R A S WA R L OR D A ND S P I R I T U A L I S T J E R U S A L E M , 1 9 4 9 H itler as Warlord is the title of a book published recently in the American zone of Germany. It was written by field marshal Franz Halder, previous chief of the German general staff. I have not seen this book but quote from a press report: Halder’s thesis is that Hitler was a military dilettante whose interference with battle and campaign strategy led to the defeat in war. His greatest mistake was to start the war in the first place. Hitler pursued his politics of bluff, ignoring the warnings of German generals that every conflict would invariably lead to a world war for which Germany’s armed forces were not yet prepared. Hitler sacrificed people unnecessarily. He never visited the front and had no inner relationship with the soldiers. When his generals attempted to spare their troops, he called them cowards. Hitler refused to turn over respon- sibilities to army commanders. He did not understand the limits of what was possible, but made strategic decisions