Hitler: Warlord and Spiritualist

Hitler Comes to Power           9 H I T L E R C OME S T O P OW E R M O U N T C A R M E L , 1 9 4 8 ; M Ö T T L I N G E N , 1 9 5 6 I am not a German. I was born in Russia. At five years of age, I came to Germany, where I attended school there, and became a journalist. From 1930 until 1933 I stood at the center of the struggle against the tide of rising Nazi power. On Easter Saturday, I was arrested and put into a police cell. Just one week later, all political prisoners were transferred to a concentration camp, but I was set free. I saw this as a miracle, and I felt that I should leave Germany immediately. With the next train, I left for France. At the very hour I crossed the border, the police tried to arrest me a second time. Apparently, I had been released by mistake. I know about the atrocities of the Nazis, but I will leave it to others to describe them. 2 The First World War was followed by a series of localizedwars, which culminated inWorldWar ii.The SecondWorld War differs from the First not only by the internal factors that led up to it but also by external factors, above all by the obvious interven- tion of spiritual forces—other-worldly forces. Hitler was a spiritual medium and his flag, the swastika, a symbol of Satan. The extermination of the Jews stood at the center of his thoughts. He managed to kill six million Jews; but just as he was gaining