Hitler: Warlord and Spiritualist

Anchored           7 A NCHOR E D M Ö T T L I N G E N , 1 9 5 6 T he airship the “Hindenburg,” which burnt up at the airport in New York some years ago was originally to be called the “Adolf Hitler.” But Hitler, the spiritist and astrologer, was warned by his demons and he did not allow it. The “Hindenburg” made it over the ocean and was about to land when there was an explosion, and the proud airship and almost all who were in her were turned to ashes. If a disaster had been foreseen, one would have expected it to happen whilst it crossed the ocean, or even whilst it was over Ameri- can soil. But who could have thought that it would happen at that moment when the landing ropes had been lowered, and the happy faces of the passengers were visible in the windows of the airship? The most shattering thing about the “Hindenburg” tragedy was the timing, the instant that had been chosen for the annihilation of the airship. At the moment of least-expected danger, God demon- strates that we are never secure on this earth, and that judgment can overtake us at the very last second. Just when our happiness seems to be anchored, it can be burnt up, and only the anchors remain as a sign of human frailty and insecurity. 1