Getting Started in Hebrew : Preview

First Fruits of Zion PO Box 649 Marshfield, MO 65706–0649 800–775–4807 ALSO AVAILABLE: Getting Started in Hebrew DVD set and Poster This six DVD set and Hebrew poster are the perfect accompaniments to the workbook. In the DVD, Hebrew teacher Aaron Eby slowly takes the student through each lesson in the workbook. This is especially critical when it comes to the pronunciation of letters, vowels, and words. The Hebrew Poster gives the student a quick and accessible reference tool for the details of the letters and vowels, and it makes a beautiful addition to any home school room or office. Both the DVDs and poster will enable each participant to get the most out of the Getting Started in Hebrew course. A twelve-lesson introductoryHebrew curriculum fordisciplesofYeshua Publishedby FirstFruitsofZion. ProclaimingtheTorahanditswayoflife,fullycenteredonMessiah,totoday’sPeopleofGod.POBox649,Marshfield,MO65706–0649,USAPhone:417–468–2741Toll-free:800–775– ©2008 FirstFruitsofZion, Inc.All rights reserved.Duplication isnotpermitted.Toorderadditionalcopiesof the GettingStarted inHebrew poster, receivea resourcecatalog,or ifyouwould likeadditional informationaboutFirstFruitsofZionpleasecall800–775–4807. H ebrew A lef -b eit BlockPrint BookPrint CursiveScriptTorahScript א t t t בּ C C c ב c c c ג d d d ד s s s ה v v v ו u u u ז z z z ח j j j ט y y y י h h h כּ F F f כ f f f ל k k k מ n n n נ b b b ס x x x ע g g g פּ P p פ p p p צ m m m ק e e e ר r r r שׁ J J a שׂ G G a ת , , , FINAL(SOFIT)LETTERS ך l l l ם o o o ן i i i ף ; ; ; ץ . . . Name[Sound/Tranliteration] Alef [silent/’] Beit [B/B] Veit [V/V] Gimel [G/G] Dalet [D/D] He [H/H] Vav [V/V] Zayin [Z/Z] Cheit [coarseH/CH] Teit [T/T] Yod [Y/Y] Kaf [K/K] Chaf [coarseH/CH] Lamed [L/L] Mem [M/M] Nun [N/N] Samech [S/S] Ayin [silent/’] Pe [P/P] Fe [F/F] Tzadi [TZ/TZ] Kof [K/K] Reish [R/R] Shin [SH/SH] Sin [S/S] Tav [T/T] ChafSofit [coarseH/CH] MemSofit [M/M] NunSofit [N/N] FeSofit [F/F] TzadiSofit [TZ/TZ] A lef -b eit pà H ebrew V owels H ebrew V owels Nekuddot v® VOWELTYPE VowelName[Sound/Transliteration/Length] A–TYPEVOWELS Kamatz [AH/A/long] Patach [AH/A/short] ChatefPatach [AH/A/reduced] FULLA–VOWEL Kamatz-He [AH/AH/long] E–TYPEVOWELS Tzere [EY/E/long] Segol [EH/E/short] ChatefSegol [EH/E/reduced] FULLE–VOWELS Tzere-Yod [EY/EI/long] Segol-Yod [EY/EI/long] Segol-He [EY/EH/long] O–TYPEVOWELS ChatefKamatz [OH/O/reduced] KamatzChatuf [OH/O/short] Cholom [OH/O/long] FULLO–VOWELS Cholom-Vav [OH/O/long] Cholom-He [OH/OH/long] I–TYPEVOWEL Chirik [EE/I/short] FULLI–VOWEL Chirik-Yod [EE/I/long] U–TYPEVOWEL Kibbutz [OO/U/short] FULLU–VOWEL Shuruk [OO/U/long] SHEVA VocalSheva [shortE/E/reduced] SilentSheva [none/none/none] H/CH] • § É h• h§ v§ ¢ ® ´ I v´ ¶ hà å U ß ß ebrew Nekudot ® © £ ® • Propel your relationship with God and increase your devekut (“closeness”) with Yeshua, our KingMessiah. Get ready to learn a language like no other.With the Getting Started in Hebrew workbook and DVD, you’ll learn the Hebrew alphabet, vowels, and their pronunciations. You’ll become familiar with Hebrew vocabulary words and study common grammatical concepts. Aaron Eby teaches us to understand Bible verses and ancient Jewish writings that use the Hebrew letters in parables to illustrate biblical concepts. Features of this course Learn how to pronounce and transcribe Hebrew words. Learn the deep symbolic meanings of each Hebrew letter. Learn to distinguish the subtle differences between similar Hebrew letters. Learn about ancient Jewish writings that illustrate biblical concepts through the Hebrew alphabet. Learn Hebrew names and titles of Yeshua the Messiah. Learn basic grammatical concepts found in the Hebrew language. Learn dozens of words that are used in both modern and biblical Hebrew. Reinforce what you have learned with exercises and quizzes. 124302 781892 9 ISBN 978-1-892124-30-2