Torah Club Vision

Infrastructure Needs LEADERSHIP TRAINING Picture yourself as a Torah Club Group Leader. You are leading your own local Torah Clubweekly Bible study.We want to provide training and support to represent Torah Club in your town. FFOZ TEACHERS Picture a weekly Torah lesson streaming live online from an FFOZ teacher. We want to see FFOZ teachers more accessible to Torah Club members. CHILDREN’S LEARNING Picture Torah Club as a family center with options for children. We want to offer new children’s resources so children can study and learn the weekly portions along with the Torah Club. AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE Picture Torah Club as a Bible study anyone can afford. Torah Club is always free to our FFOZ Friends at the Ally and Pillar level, but outside of that circle, the high price of Torah Club materials can be prohibitive. We want to see the Torah Club made accessible to everyone, even on a tight budget. TORAH CLUB TECHNOLOGY Picture yourself downloading a Torah Club app for your mobile phone. The app keeps you connected with the whole program and with your local group while providing you with functionality customized for the Torah cycle and weekly reading schedules. We want to create a downloadable app that can help us stay connected with our Torah Club members.