Torah Club Vision

A MISSION FROM GOD Picture Torah Club as your special mission fromGod. Your job is to gather his lost sheep and bring them to a place where they can learn. Too many people today wander from the flock— perishing for lack of knowledge. We want to see Torah Club as a mission field where disciples gather and learn in Messiah’s name. A GROWING MOVEMENT Picture Torah Club as a grass-roots movement of disciples of the Jewish Messiah. Their enthusiasm is contagious, attracting others and inspiring them to the paths of discipleship, too. Word-of-mouth becomes the mechanism of growth. We want to see Torah Club become a social and spiritual movement among the disciples of Yeshua. A PRACTICAL APPLICATION Picture Torah Club as a place to work out the practical application of God’s Word. Torah Club provides you with the keys to unlock the meaning of the Bible; but what do you do with that information? We want to see Torah Club as a place where the Bible is translated into practical applications, not just filling our heads with knowledge. A KINGDOM FOCUS Picture a Bible fellowship group focused on the coming kingdom. There are lots of Bible studies out there, but not many with a kingdom focus. We aren’t talking only about the end times; Torah Club is about bringing the good things of the kingdom into our world today. We want to see Torah Club as a place where the kingdom message is proclaimed. How do you see yourself participating in this mission? As a trained leader fulfilling a great mission to facilitate the message of the kingdom in your community? As a devoted student finally having a group of like-minded disciples with which to learn and fellowship? As a faithful supporter of this work unsure of your ability to be involved but willing to financially support this vision as you realize the great need?