A Taste of Torah : Preview

In this, her second volume of weekly Torah studies, Keren Hannah gives readers a glimpse into the fascinating world of midrash with its added spice of imaginative interpretation. A Dash of Drash encourages the asking of questions and offers edifying insights that challenge one to use one's own godly imagination. Keren Hannah, an Israeli citizen originally from South Africa, is the widow of Dwight A. Pryor ( ז״ל , of blessed memory), with whom she shared a life of international ministry based on Jewish-Christian relations and interconnection. She currently resides in Jerusalem, where she continues writing and maintaining her online teaching ministry via her website: His-Israel.com. She also teaches classes on subjects related to the Hebraic heritage at the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning. aDash of DRASH First Fruits of Zion Israel / United States / Canada 800–775–4807 ffoz.org