First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

5 FIRST FRUITS OF ZION Creates educational resources VINE OF DAVID Imparts a Messianic Jewish identity THE BRAM CENTER Provides teaching and learning in the heart of Jerusalem, Israel THE 12-21 YOUTH PROGRAM Is raising up the next generation of Messianic leaders Through your partnership as an FFOZ Friend , you propel our mission forward so that we can reach out, build up, and give a kingdom vision to God’s people. PARTNER AND BUILDWITH US BY BECOMING AN FFOZ FRIEND See pages 32, 35–41 for more info about FFOZ Friends resources and benefits. LEARN MORE ABOUT FFOZ FRIENDS At this website, learn more about our community, how to join and sign up, and about all the benefits you receive for partnering with First Fruits of Zion and becoming a monthly supporter. TOLL-FREE SALES AND SUPPORT: 800-775-4807