First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

42 “Hey, Torah Kids!” STORIES FROM THE TORAH, GOSPELS, AND SAGES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN, IN TWO VOLUMES Are you ready for a story? Join D. Thomas Lancaster and Toby Janicki as they tell stories from the Torah, Gospels, and the sages of Israel. Listen to lessons that are drawn from the weekly Torah portions, as heard on the Torah Club audio series. Children of all ages will enjoy these biblically-based tales of God’s people. Each Audio set contains 5 CDs. Listen to 10 or more stories on each CD, from each book in the Torah, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. $35  | 2365 | Volume 1: Audio CD Set $35  | 2320 | Volume 2: Audio CD Set Children’s Torah Club A Messianic Torah-learning experience for children aged 6 to 10, designed to work in conjunction with the adult Torah Club, Unrolling the Scroll and Shadows of the Messiah, or as a stand-alone teaching and activity program. Includes a full color notebook binder with tabs, one 8-page activity booklet for every Torah portion, and a Hebrew learning track for kids. $ 20  | CTC-PAYG | Pay-As-You-Go, Monthly Subscription $216  | CTC-Complete | Complete Volume $500  | 2083 | Congregation Pack Avram and the Idol Shop A FULL COLOR ILLUSTRATED STORYBOOK FOR MESSIANIC CHILDREN Before he became the father of many nations, Abraham lived far to the east in the Land of Ur. His father, Terach, called him Avram and raised him to serve gods of wood and stone. The story in Avram and the Idol Shop is based on ancient legends collected in the Midrash Rabbah . According to tradition, it was with simple logic and honest observation that Abraham discovered the truth of an unseen God while being raised in a house of idolatry. Yeshua said that the greatest of all commandments was to be found in the Shma , a prayer that is central to our faith. It is a truly great mitzvah to recite the prayer of the Shma at bedtime, and this book is both a meditation on the oneness of God and a companion for bedtime prayer. $15  | 2601 | Book (Hardcover, 40 pages) FFOZ KIDS ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM