First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

34 Unrolling the Scroll Introduces new believers and seasoned Christians to the Torah of Moses and the Jewish roots of Christianity with practical applications for godly living. Study, Practice, Grow, Teach! Chronicles of the Apostles In-depth Messianic commentary on the book of Acts and early apostolic history, telling the forgotten story of the apostles, the fall of Jerusalem, and the emergence of Christianity. Depths of the Torah Dig deep into the 613 laws of the Torah, examining all the commandments through the eyes of the sages, the Messiah, the Prophets, the Gospels, and Paul’s writings. Chronicles of the Messiah A comprehensive, Messianic commentary on the Gospels, restoring the Jewishness of Yeshua, telling his story and explaining his teaching in its Jewish context. Voice of the Prophets Restores an authentic Jewish eschatology with prophecies about the centrality of Israel and Messiah in the kingdom and the end times. Shadows of the Messiah Uncovers Yeshua hidden in the books of Moses, establishing him as the predicted Messiah, the Son of David, savior of Israel, and hope of all mankind. Torah Club is a unique and comprehensive Messianic Jewish Bible study resource spanning the whole of Scripture, consisting of extensive written and audio commentary. This is a study curriculum unlike any other. Dig deeper into the Bible week by week as you study the Scriptures with Jewish insight. TORAH CLUB ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM