First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

32 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Introduction to Messianic Judaism THE ECCLESIAL CONTEXT AND BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS In this comprehensive book, David Rudolph and Joel Willitts present a collection of articles by Messianic Jews and Gentile Christians, offering a thorough examination of the ecclesial context and biblical foundations of the movement. A balanced and accessible introduction to the diverse Messianic Jewish movement that both Gentile Christian and Messianic Jewish readers will find informative and fascinating. $25  | 2225 | Book FFOZ Friend s are individuals, families, or congregations with whom the mission and vision of First Fruits of Zion resonates. They contribute financially toward reaching our ministry objectives and are co-laborers with us in this work. Consider joining the circle. Every month, all our FFOZ Friends receive a special newsletter, an exclusive teaching of the month, and many more benefits, including online access to all previous monthly teachings. FFOZ Friends also receive 10% discount on most of the First Fruits of Zion resources presented in this catalog. More importantly, by joining our mission, you will receive the satisfaction of becoming a co-laborer and assist in bringing Messianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews all over the world. Remembrance and Repentance Christian anti-Semitism built the road that led to Auschwitz. In the Holocaust, two thousand years of replacement theology culminated in genocide. European Christianity sat in the cold darkness of indifference while the smoke of six mil- lion innocent Jewish lives filled the skies. Remembrance and Repentance is about remembering what happened in the past, understanding how we contributed to the nightmare, and learning from those mistakes to change the future. $10  | 2121 | Book $8 |  E-2121 | eBook We’d Like toMeetYour Friends BYD.THOMAS LANCASTER We need some new friends, andwe are hoping that youmight introduce us to some of yours.As an FFOZ Friend , you are already invested in expanding the reach of our teachings.You can help us reach even further by telling your friends about the great value of being an FFOZ Friend . You already know the value the FFOZ Friends program brings to your spiritual life.Not only are you participating in amission on behalf of the kingdom of heaven, you are also benefitting from the publications, resources, Torah studies, and the exclusive Teaching of theMonth.Yourmembership in the FFOZ Friends program grants you online access to MessiahMagazine and Messiah Journal , and it gives you access to a digital archive of the FFOZ Friends Teaching of theMonth. It’s a great programwithmany benefits, but the greatest benefit is just knowing that you are doing your part to contribute to the overarchingmission of bringingMessianic Jewish teaching to Christians and Jews. If your friends knew about how great the program is, they would probablywant to be FFOZ Friends , too. So, do them and us a favor by introducing us to one another.We have found that our single best andmost consistent growthmechanism happens byword-of-mouth. It’s amatter of one friend sitting downwith another and saying, “You have to check this out. This is awesome…” You are our best advertisement, and you are our strongest marketing plan—because you care about themessage and the mission. Thank you for your friendship. Thanks for being an FFOZ Friend . JANUARY2017 TEACHINGOF THEMONTH ConversationonPaul:An InterviewwithMarkD.Nanos ThismonthRyan Lambert interviewsMarkD.Nanos, amuch-sought-after lecturer in thefield of today’sPauline scholarship andbiblical studies. This audio is also available as adigitaldownload (MP3) at . FRIENDSDISCOUNTCODES FF-6528 (January) FF-8735 (February) Use this code to receive 10% off any FFOZ-published resources, or to order FFOZ Friends Exclusive Resources. Since its inception in the summerof2012, theFFOZFriendsTeachingof theMonthhas consistedof forty-twoaudioCDs, sevenbooklets, fourvideo DVDs,and threepostersorother formsofartwork.Balancedand solid teachingdeliveredmonthly. RESOURCESPOTLIGHT EretzYisrael Calendar for 2016–2017 (5777) Featuring ThreeDifferent Formats:Wall,Desk, and Custom Editions Thisbeautiful Land of Israel calendar combines stunning images of the land of Israelwithdetails from theHebrew calendar andkeybiblical eventswith Scripture references.  Wall/CustomEditionSize:12”x20” (Open) | DeskEditionSize:9”x5.5”  WeeklySabbathTorahportion schedule including gospel readings,plusholiday and festivalpassages  Traditional Jewish and apostolicdatesofbiblical events  Year-at-a-Glanceview OrderyourLandof IsraelCalendar today at FFOZ-Friends-Newsletter_2017-01_v3.indd 2 1/16/17 10:16AM 5 MINISTRYOBJECTIVE Ourobjective is tohelp rejuvenate the believer’s faith,encouraginghimorher to becomezealous forMessiah,discipleship, and thewholeWordofGod. L VISION Daily laboring toward the kingdomof heaven,“apromiseofwhat is tocome.” O MISSION ToprovideMessianic Jewish Teaching for Christiansand Jews. 5777AV 23 AUGUST15,2017 Shalom FFOZ Friend, Lastmonthwe observed the Fast of Tammuz, the Fast ofAv, and the threeweeks ofmourning for the Temple. I needed to come back to theUnited States tomeetwith some of our teammembers about the future of Torah Club. Since I had tomeetwith the staff, I recommended thatwe have ourmeetings in Chicago so that I could also attend theUMJC conference thatweekwhere Toby Janickiwas to deliver a lecture on his new book about the Didache, TheWay of Life .Before boardingmy flight back to the states, however, I received a sadmessage from theBadgley family.Michael and SharraBadgleyworked for First Fruits of Zion in various capacities, including scheduling, communications, and administrative care.Our families became closewhile theirs and ours both lived inMarshfield,Missouri,working at theUS distribution office.After fighting cancer for a year, Sharra had come to the end.On themorning of the fast of Tammuz, I picked up on ofmy colleagues from the Chicago airport, andwe drove to theBadgley home in themiddle of Indiana.We spent several blessed hourswith our sister, reminiscing, crying, and laughing, speaking about th kingdom and theWorld to Come, and receiving her parting blessings and prayers. She kept saying, “The best is yet to come!” Three days laterMichael sent usword that Sharra had passed on. The rest of theweekwas spent at theUMJC and in Torah Club planningmeetings. I’m not at liberty to share the details about the future of Torah Club untilwe get it all figured out. Suffice it to say,with Torah Club, too, the best is yet to come.Oncewe get it all straightened out, youwill be the first to know! Meanwhile, back in Jerusalem, tensions escalated over the shooting of two Israeli police officers on the TempleMount.ByRosh ChodeshAv, the beginning of the nine days, Iwas back in Jerusalem.Ordinarily, it is strictly illegal for Jews to pray on the TempleMount, but that day, theMuslimswere not present because they refused to pass through the newmetal detectors. I thought, “If they aren’t using the TempleMount…” I joinedwith other religious Jewswho had the same idea, andwe enjoyed an awesome spiritual time pray- ingRosh Chodeshmorning prayers onGod’s holy hill, right at the beginning of the nine days, unmolested by the authorities. Since then, the status quo has resumed, and it is no longer possible to pray there, but I thankGod that, in themidst of the timewe remember the destruction of the Temple, he grantedme a foretaste of the future kingdomwhen all themountain of the LORDwill be lifted up, a house of prayer for all nations. On the fast day of the ninth ofAv and the end of the threeweeks, I reflected on the goodness ofHaShem even in themidst of sorrow and distress. Thoughwe pass through the valley of the shadow of death and languish in exile now, truly the best is yet to come. Thank you for support- ing that vision of the coming kingdom as an FFOZ Friend . Shalom from Jerusalem, BoazMichael FOUNDERANDDIRECTOR FIRSTFRUITSOFZION JERUSALEM, ISRAEL OnRoshChodeshAv,Boazwasable toascend theTempleMount withother religious Jews formorningprayers. FFOZ-Friends-New sletter_2017-08_v2.indd 1 8/10/17 12:49PM A sampling of exclusive monthly teachings given to FFOZ Friends ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM