First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

31 Jot & Tittle INTRODUCING THE HEBREW ALEFBET THROUGH THE TORAH PORTIONS In 54 lessons, learn Hebrew straight from the Bible week-by-week and in step with weekly Torah portions. By the end of a year, you can learn all 54 names of the weekly portions, what they mean, and highlights of that section of Scripture. Audio Hebrew lessons can be found on Torah Club: Unrolling the Scroll CDs or as a separate product (see below). $17  | 2144 | Book * $30  | 2197 | 5-CD Audio Set Getting Started in Hebrew INTRODUCTORY HEBREW LANGUAGE CURRICULUM FOR DISCIPLES OF YESHUA Learn to read Hebrew! Getting Started in Hebrew DVDs and companion workbook make it easy. Learn Hebrew from a Messianic teacher. Draw ever nearer to the Jewish Messiah as you learn “Hebrew Roots” and Hebrew root words at the same time. After only twelve lessons you will be able to sound out any Hebrew text and move into additional Hebrew resources to begin building your vocabulary and competence. ƒ ƒ Learn how to pronounce and transcribe Hebrew words. Search the Sidra MINING HEBREW NUGGETS FROM THE WEEKLY TORAH PORTIONS The sequel to Jot & Tittle helps you to continue learning Hebrew straight from the pages of Torah, week-by-week, through 54 landmark verses in 54 lessons. Can also be used with Jot & Tittle for multi-level classes as you read, write, and puzzle over the Hebrew language to sharpen your learn- ing. By year’s end, you can cut right into the meat of the Word! $17  | 2143 | Book * $30  | 2196 | 6-CD Audio Set * Both books include an introduction CD ƒ ƒ Learn about ancient Jewish writings that illustrate biblical concepts through the Hebrew alphabet. ƒ ƒ Learn Hebrew names and titles of Yeshua the Messiah. ƒ ƒ Reinforce what you have learned with exercises and quizzes. $ 90  | 2366 | 6-DVD Video Set (12 Lessons) $ 28  | 2367 | Workbook (Spiral Bound) $ 15  | 2368 | 18”x 24” Wall Chart $  5  | 2388 | Flash Cards (Book Print, 54 cards) $  5  | 2390 | Flash Cards (Cursive Script, 54 cards) $ 10  | 2393 | Flash Cards (Full Set of Print & Cursive) $115  | 2389 | Combination Pack (all of the above) 12” x 18” Alef-Bet Wall Chart HEBREW LEARNING TOLL-FREE SALES AND SUPPORT: 800-775-4807