First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

22 The Siege of Jerusalem This book tells the story of one woman on a heroic mission in the Holy Land during the dangerous days of Israel’s War for Independence. Pauline Rose, a mother of the Messianic Jewish movement in Israel, tells the dramatic story of how she came to the holy city to ignite the Sabbath light of Messiah in the midst of bullets and bombs. Vine of David has augmented this new edition by adding additional writings from Pauline Rose, which set the context of her work in Jerusalem. The Siege of Jerusalem is an important chapter of Messianic Jewish history. $22  | 4061 | Book (Hardcover) Window on Mount Zion In Window on Mount Zion , Pauline Rose tells the story of how she saw her hope in the Bible’s prophecies vindicated. In 1963, she and her husband restored an abandoned house on Mount Zion, not far from Zion Gate, to serve as a place of hospitality dedicated to peace, brotherly love, and the messianic hope. From her “window on Mount Zion,” Rose saw the dramatic Six-Day War unfold, ultimately resulting in the reunification of Jerusalem. This is the inspiring story of how one woman’s faith put her in the center of the action and biblical prophecy, and how she raised a banner for Messiah at one of the most dramatic moments in Israel’s history. $22  | 4060 | Book (Hardcover) Messianic Luminaries Series This series is dedicated to resurrecting the voices of Messianic luminaries and bringing back forgotten Messianic texts of the past. The current collection of five works, published since 2009, is bringing the brilliant scholarship and unique perspectives of these luminaries back to us once again. Love and the Messianic Age Crammed with stimulating thought and pervaded by real spiritual beauty, Love and the Messianic Age is a Chasidic discourse from one of the pioneers of Messianic Judaism, Paul Philip Levertoff. This book opens a field of inquiry and reflection that encourages us to internalize the spiritual truths of theology and of our faith in Messiah and causes us to consider our relationship with God, our motivations for serving him, and how our interactions with God and Torah can be expressed with hearts of joy, acts of love, fervent prayer, and sincere repentance. $22  | 4000 | Book (Hardcover) $18  | 4001 | Study Guide VINE OF DAVID ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM