First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

14 Each year First Fruits of Zion conducts seminars and conferences. These CDs and DVDs address issues in the Messianic Jewish movement and cast vision for growth in the future. Listen in as FFOZ teachers educate and inspire, sharing their hearts, joys, and frustrations. Topical and relevant for anyone seeking to engage his or her faith from a Jewish perspective. The Vision A MESSIANIC JEWISH HASHKAFAH Discover a truly Messianic Jewish vision: Messianic Judaism for All Nations, a worldview founded on the land, the people, and the Scriptures of Israel, regen- erated in the resurrection of Yeshua, and looking toward the coming kingdom. A clear vision that changes the way we think about Messianic Judaism. $80  | 2082 | 5-DVD Video Set $70  | 2080 | 10-CD Audio Set $50  | 2081 | MP3 Set New Wineskins TELL IT TO THE NEXT GENERATION How can we engage the next generation in Messianic Judaism and Yeshua faith? At First Fruits of Zion’s 2016 National Conference, the focus was on raising up a new generation of disciples—new wineskins for the new wine of our Master Yeshua’s teaching. $60  | 2724 | 4-DVD Video Set $70  | 2725 | 10-CD Audio Set $50  | 2726 | MP3 Set Eyes on Zion Discover how the Holy Land is God’s testing ground for faith and the center of the Messianic Jewish movement. The Eyes on Zion teachings, based firmly on Messianic Jewish eschatology, will challenge conventional ideas about the people, the land, and the modern State of Israel. $60  | 5030 | 5-DVD Video Set $70  | 5028 | 10-CD Audio Set $50  | 5029 | MP3 Set Gifts of the Spirit Take a serious look at the role of the Holy Spirit and supernatural gifts. This resource contains prophetic teachings about the power of the Messianic Era bursting into this current age in the form of supernatural manifestations. Get answers to questions such as: What does Judaism say about prophets and prophecy? What did the gift of tongues mean to the early believers? And more! $15  | 2690 | Book $70  | 2691 | 12-CD Audio Set $50  | 2692 | MP3 Set CONFERENCES & SEMINARS ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM