First Fruits of Zion Resources Catalog 2017-18

10 The Mayim Chayim Series MayimChayim means “living water.” These resources inform readers about the specifics of individual commandments and their application in Messianic Judaism. A systematic approach is followed: biblical foundations, cultural background, historical development, symbolic significance, and Messianic interpretations and application. Tzitzit God tells the children of Israel to put tzitzit on the four corners of their garments in order to remember the commandments of God. In Tzitzit we will discover the rich symbolism associated with this commandment and journey from the Torah text to ancient Near Eastern culture, to the words of our Master, and to rabbinic writings in an effort to unlock the key of the tzitzit. This fully-Messianic study will also address issues and difficulties involved in the practical application of tzitzit. $10  | 2999 | Book $8 |  E-2999 | eBook Tefillin Is the mitzvah of binding the commandments to hand and head to be under- stood literally? Should believers wear tefillin? Did Yeshua wear them? Toby Janicki examines the Master’s perspective on the subject and looks into the or- igin of the practice. An eye-opening, in-depth introduction to one of the most sacred rituals in Judaism, and a thorough study of the subject from a Messianic perspective. $10  | 2620 | Book $8 |  E-2620 | eBook Mezuzah We may have read in the Scriptures that we are to “write these words on our doorposts and gates,” but we may still wonder, “Which words? And how?”The Mezuzah booklet helps you discover the scriptural basis for the tradition of the mezuzah and its history from the time of Moses to the present day. Study the mezuzah’s symbolism and how it reveals the work of Messiah in our everyday lives. We will learn about the history of the mezuzah, its purpose and content, and experience the full meaning of this reminder as we participate in this won- derful commandment. $ 10  | 2138 | Book $ 8  | E-2138 | eBook FOUNDATIONAL TEACHING ORDER SECURELY AT OUR ONLINE STORE: FFOZ.COM