Bram : Preview

ABRAM POLJAK A bram (Bram) Poljak was a pioneer and piv- otal character of the twentieth-century Mes- sianic Jewish movement. After a miraculous escape from a Nazi prison, he put his energies behind Jewish Christian refugees and a Jewish expression of Yeshua-faith. He established several ministry ventures, numerous publications and periodicals, educational initiatives, and even agricultural colo- nies. He spoke to crowds across three continents and his publications were translated and circulated in fifty-six countries. He founded various associa- tions such as the Jewish Christian Union and the Kingdom Brotherhood—international move- ments of disciples of Yeshua committed to his teaching and to the idea of Jewish Christianity. His talent as a writer and his background in journalism enabled him to fill numerous books and publica- tion in which he chronicled his progress and the progress of the movement that he led under the banner of “the cross in the Star of David.”