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Av TODAY: (Friday) 20 July 2018 : 8 Av 5778
(Fri) 20 July 2018 : 8 Av 5778

The Affliction of Av

Learn about the Hebrew month of Av(אב)

Av is the fifth month of biblical calendar year. The name "Av" is the Babylonian name of the month. In the Bible, it is simply referred to as "the fifth month" as in Numbers 33:38, "And Aaron the priest went up Mount Hor at the command of the LORD and died there...on the first day of the fifth month." Aaron the high priest died on the 1st of Av. The Torah says that after that, "all the house of Israel wept for Aaron thirty days" (Numbers 20:29). Unfortunately, this was a foreboding sign of things to come. Since those days,...

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Expressions of Sorrow


Sorrow, grief, lamentation, mourning, depression; these are all human emotions. Hey, even Yeshua wept! We all deal with grief; it is a part of our experience. The Bible has many expressions of sorrow and the Psalms are a prime example. You may be surprised to discover that 57 of the 150 Psalms are laments...

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The First Fruits of Sivan


Sivan is the third month of the biblical calendar year. The name "Sivan" is the Babylonian name of the month. It is referred to as such in the Bible, "So the king's scribes were called at that time in the third month (that is, the month of Sivan), on the twenty-third day..." 1 The Torah refers to the month simply as "the third month" as it says in Exodus 19:1, "In the third month after the sons of Israel had gone out of the land of Egypt, on that very day they came into the wilderness of Sinai." In the...

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The Splendor of Iyyar


On the biblical calendar, Iyyar can get overlooked. Couched between the festivals of Passover and Shavuot, Iyyar may seem like a period of waiting. However, to downgrade Iyyar to a second-class month would be a mistake. Iyyar is derived from an Akkadian word that means "splendor" or "blossoming." It corresponds to the Hebrew "Ziv," the name given to the second month in the days of Solomon (1Kgs 6:1). Ziv likewise means "splendor."

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