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Sivan TODAY: (Monday) 29 May 2023 : 9 Sivan 5783
(Mon) 29 May 2023 : 9 Sivan 5783

The Harvest of Sivan

Learn about the Hebrew month of Sivan

As the Omer continues to be counted, we come to the third month on the biblical calendar. After the days of the Babylonian exile, this month took on the name Sivan, and is identified as such in Esther 8:9....Not long after Rosh Chodesh, the counting of the Omer is concluded and we come to the Feast of Weeks.

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Previous Months

Traveling Toward Mount Sinai


Iyyar is the second month of the biblical calendar year. The name "Iyyar" is the Babylonian name of the month. The older biblical (or Canaanite) name of the month is "Ziv," as in 1 Kings 6:1, "In the fourth year of Solomon's reign over Israel, in the month of Ziv which is the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD." In the land of Israel, Iyyar is the first month of the dry season, but it certainly is not spiritually dry. The month of Iyyar is full of spiritual nourishment for believers. In the year...

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Redemptions Bring New Life


During the month of Nisan, two mighty acts of salvation transpired: the Exodus from Egypt, when the people of Israel was delivered from slavery, and the death and resurrection of the Righteous One, Messiah Yeshua. The Exodus serves as the quintessential paradigm for God's salvation. It was there in the midst of slavery and oppression that the family of Jacob miraculously grew into the nation of Israel. Even when the majority of God's people could not see His hand in the circumstances they found themselves in, God raised up a prophet who led them to a deliverance they never thought...

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The Joy of Adar


Counting from the first month of Nisan, Adar brings us to the final month on the calendar. We have taken a journey with Israel through the Biblical calendar. What started with the Exodus from Egypt in Nisan, continued through the sorrowful summer months of Tammuz, Av, and Elul, rejuvenated during the invigorating months of Tishrei, ends here with the joyous celebration of Purim in the month of Adar. Here, at the end of the year, we celebrate the victory of Queen Esther and the Jewish community of Persia over the schemes of the wretched Haman. Esther, taken into the highest...

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