The Book of Galatians is Misunderstood!

This Galatians commentary by Lancaster is a rarity among readable and affordable books on Paul.

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Now read and understand Galatians in the context in which it was written!

In The Holy Epistle to the Galatians, D. Thomas Lancaster makes the difficult words of Paul simple to understand in an easy-reading collection of sermons on the epistle from a Messianic Jewish perspective. His careful, Jewish reading of Galatians turns Christian interpretation upside down.

  • Grace vs. Law
  • Faith vs. Works
  • Old Covenant vs. New Covenant
  • Jews, Gentiles, Torah, and Messiah

Lancaster takes us deep inside the Jewish world of the Apostles to wrestle through the difficult questions facing the apostolic community. Drawing on recent Pauline scholarship, The Holy Epistle to the Galatians completely reverses conventional interpretations, revealing Paul in continuity with Torah, Jewish tradition, and broader apostolic-era Judaism.

This book helps repair the breach between Judaism and Christianity, turning back nineteen hundred years of misunderstanding.