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Have you had trouble finding a podcast that provides solid and engaging content relevant to Messianic Judaism? If so, we have good news. First Fruits of Zion has launched Messiah Podcast, where Jesus is Jewish, and that changes everything!

Tune in to learn the teaching and kingdom message of Jesus from a Messianic Jewish perspective. We interview thinkers: scholars, pastors, Messianic rabbis, and others who are doing significant work in areas that relate to a Messianic Jewish reading of the Bible. Messiah Podcast is brought to you by Messiah Magazine, a publication of First Fruits of Zion.

Latest Podcast Episodes

25 – Jesus’ Jewish Roots Mega-Church Style

One of the largest churches in America is mainstreaming Christianity's Jewish roots. Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church in Southlake Texas believes the success of the church he leads is due to their priority of taking the gospel to the Jew first.

24 – An Anglican Disentangled from Supersessionism

“Once upon a time, I was a supersessionist,” admits today’s guest, Dr. Gerald R. McDermott. But then his eyes were opened to a whole new perspective on the Bible. The missing piece was the centrality of Israel and the Jewish people.

23 – Why Christians Misunderstand Ephesians

D. Thomas Lancaster believes he has discovered the missing key and has completed a new commentary on the book of Ephesians that answers pressing questions about some of Paul's most difficult material.

22 – Music from God's Word In God's Language

Our guest today is Messianic music artist, Troy Mitchell who has dedicated his career to setting God’s word to music and helping us all sing it back to Him.

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Did Jesus Speak Hebrew?

The New Testament was written in Greek, but were its authors working from Hebrew originals? Our guest today, Dr. Brad Young, has written numerous w…

Jewish Evangelism in Seven Steps

Yeshua came with a message of salvation and redemption for the world. This salvation was offered first to the Jewish people. However, Jewish evange…

The Antidote for a World in Turmoil

It doesn’t take a particularly observant person to see that the world is broken and in desperate need of redemption. Why does this state of b…

Messiah's Hands And Feet In Ukraine

The eruption of war in Ukraine has left millions of civilians displaced and lacking basic necessities. Many humanitarian organizations have tried t…

The Chief Rabbi Who Met Jesus

An Orthodox rabbi fought Nazis in his own government to secure the preservation of the Jewish community in Bulgaria during World War II. After the …

Afterlife, Kingdom, and the World to Come

Everyone wants to go to heaven when they die. But that’s not the end of the story. Reading the New Testament through Jewish eyes paints a far…

What Happened When I Died

For thousands of years, people have wondered what happens to the soul after death. Our materialistic culture rejects the existence of an afterlife,…

What Happens When You Die

What happens after we die? We know that eventually we’ll be raised to life and spend eternity in the World to Come, but what happens before t…

Finding Messiah

Jesus is Jewish—but what does that mean for his billions of followers? Our guest, Dr. Jen Rosner, joins Messiah Podcast to talk about her for…

Raised to Life

Evangelical theology places an incredible emphasis on the atoning death of the Messiah. He died so that our sins could be forgiven so that we could…

Sing Us One of the Songs of Zion

What inspired a famous Christian songwriter to adopt a Messianic Jewish perspective? Aaron Shust, best known for his hit song “My Savior My G…

What Did Baptism Mean in Jesus’ Day?

Have Christians lost the original meaning and intention of first-century baptism? The New Testament treats it as an “elementary principle,…

The Lost Kingdom

Yeshua came proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, but what exactly is the kingdom? What happened to the message of the kingdom? Why did the chu…

Hanukkah Story for Grown-ups

Spinning tops and fried potato pancakes are great, but what is the real meaning of Hanukkah? Aaron Eby, First Fruits of Zion Senior Educator, joins…

Is All Mankind Really Damned to Hell from Birth?

A deeply entrenched doctrine of Christianity states that all people are born with a sin nature and, by virtue of being a descendent of Adam, are in…

Should Christians Keep the Sabbath?

Orthodox Jews and Messianic Jews may have significant differences. However, both groups have growing initiatives seeking to help Christi…

When a Baptist Pastor Encountered Torah

Why are Baptists turning to Torah Club to know Jesus better? Why are Christians worldwide seeking Torah as a fundamental component for discipleship…

Who Knew Luke Was a Jew?!

Was Luke Jewish? And does the gospel of Luke affirm or deny the ongoing role of the Torah, the Jewish people, and the city of Jerusalem in God̵…

Biblical Festivals and Disciples of Jesus

Should the disciples of Jesus celebrate the holy days of the Bible? Or would that be a step backwards in how we express our faithfulness to Jesus? …

Prophecy, Torah Club, and the Origins of First Fruits of Zion

Isaiah said that a day would come when the Torah would go forth from Zion. How is that prophetic vision beginning to unfold in the world and how ca…

Is Messianic Judaism Compatible with Protestant Christianity?

In this inaugural episode of Messiah Podcast, pastor Jacob Fronczak, discusses his new book, Rethinking the FIve Solaé, and answers the tough quest…

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