Messiah Magazine #25

Messiah Magazine 25

Messiah Magazine #25

Summer/Fall 2021 (Aug 2021)

The Days of Awe

Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and the days between. Repentance and restoration during the ten days between the high holidays.

Music for Messiah

Joshua Aaron, Glen Campbell, and the Liberated Wailing Wall: musicians, past and present, influenced by Messianic teaching.

Signs in the Heavens

Missiles from Gaza, Israel’s Iron Dome defense, and UFOs in American airspace turn eyes skyward.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter: We Are Time Travelers

We are advancing into the future, but we are also bringing those future kingdom realities into the world today.

On the Same Journey

Joshua Aaron speaks out about Messianic Judaism, his music career, and being a Torah Club Leader.

What Does the Jewish Community Want from Jewish Followers of Jesus?

Anti-missionaries reject Messianic Jews regardless of how open, honest, or frum
they are.

The Days of Awe

Repentance and restoration during the ten days between the high holidays.

Sweet Traditions!

Enliven the sweetness of your new year with this luscious apple-honey cake!

Seek First the Kingdom

The kingdom of God that Yeshua promised isn’t just a heavenly reality; it’s a transformation of this world, and it’s our job to help.

Numbering Our Days

The biblical calendar and the making of the new pictorial calendar of the Knesset Menorah.

Teach Us to Be Good

Musar—systematic Jewish ethics—can help us flesh out what it looks like to embrace Yeshua’s call to radical virtue.

Sunset on the Rhinestone Cowboy

Kim Campbell opens up about her spiritual journey with her husband, Glen, as told in her new book, Gentle on My Mind.

They’re Playing Our Song: The Liberated Wailing Wall

One of the first public expressions of Messianic Judaism was a music group with unlikely origins.

Under the Iron Dome

An eyewitness account of this year’s unprecedented outbreak of violent conflict
in Israel.

Cliff-Hanger on the Mount of Transfiguration

A quick recap of Jesus, My Rabbi, season 1.

UFOs and Faith

The US government has admitted that UFOs are real. What does that mean for a person of faith?

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