Messiah Magazine #18

Messiah Magazine 18

Messiah Magazine #18

Fall 2017 (Nov 2017)

The Word from Zion

The Bram Center in Jerusalem endeavors to be a hub for Messianic Judaism in Israel.

Spiritual Awakening

The Six-Day War and Shavu’ot 1967 sent a spiritual shock wave around the world.

A Great Miracle

Learn the history and traditions associated with the festival of Hanukkah.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael, founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion, tells us what we will find in this issue of Messiah Magazine.


This month we are introduced to the Rosenbergs from Washington and Rebecca from Michigan.

Connecting: Encounter Awesome Places in Israel

The Negev is featured this month with beautiful pictures and interesting commentary.

The Third Shavu'ot

We are pleased to present the delightful plenary speech presented at this year's conference of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations by Monique Brumbach, Executive Director of the UMJC. Monique takes us through three historical Shavu'ot events that shaped the course of history.

Across the Great Divide: Lazarus, the Rich Man, and the Afterlife

D. Thomas Lancaster expounds on the well-known story of the rich man and Lazarus. What isn't so well-known are the mysterious concepts of heaven, hell, Paradise, and Gehinnom. We explore the Jewish ideas behind the story and have a glimpse into the mystical realm of the afterlife.

People Like Us - The Messianic Jewish Hub in Jerusalem

Exciting things are happening in the heart of Jerusalem at the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning. Get caught up on recent events and special seminars and their impact on the people whose lives are touched by the outreach of this vibrant ministry.


Jeremiah Michael writes about the traditional story of Hanukkah and the customs that have evolved from the remembrance of the miracles God performed for Israel at that time and in that place.

Theodor Herzl: Chozeh Medina

The man whose dream it was to put in place a State of Israel had many heavy obstacles in the way. The "father of Zionism" did not see his vision come to fruition during his lifetime, but God used Theodor's efforts to ultimately bring to pass the miracle of what it today the modern State of Israel. Here is the story.


The director of Camp Tzadi documents the supernatural, life-changing experience of the first annual event of FFOZ's 12-21 Camp Tzadi in the Wisconsin Dells.

Speaking in Parables

Do Jesus' parables have riddles embedded in them so as to make us have to decipher them to get the message? Toby Janicki explores the real reason that Jesus used parables so often in his teachings.

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