Messiah Magazine #17

Messiah Magazine 17

Messiah Magazine #17

Summer 2017 (Aug 2017)

Pauline Rose's Flag

How one Messianic Jewish woman’s Israeli flag became a symbol of redemption.

Fish out of Water

A Messianic Gentile at work in Jerusalem’s new aquarium is making news.

Miracle at the UN

The story of how the United Nations fulfilled biblical prophecy.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael, founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion, tells us what we will find in this issue of Messiah Magazine.


This month we are introduced to Kyle from Missouri and Bethanni from Florida.

Connecting: Encounter Awesome Places in Israel

The Galilee is featured this month with beautiful pictures and interesting commentary.

The Flag and the Shofar

During the liberation of Jerusalem there was no flag to hang on David’s Citadel. A Jewish family from England lived nearby, and the wife gave a white sheet to the soldiers and told them they could draw a Star of David on it. This woman was none other than Messianic Jewish luminary Pauline Rose. Boaz Michael tells us the fascinating story.

Heir to the Vineyard

D. Thomas Lancaster reveals how Jesus' parables about vineyards are very similar to parables from the rabbis and sages of ancient Judaism, and run parallel to those found in the prophets of old.

People Like Us - The Story of Israel's Best Aquarist

Coming from Missouri in the USA, Debbi Crain has crossed the ocean to help rebuild Jerusalem. With her love of Israel and her knowledge of and experience with fish, water, tanks, and everything needed to make an aquarium run, she was perfectly matched for this task. This article takes us on a special tour of the new project in Jerusalem.

The Hebrew Language in Jewish Life

Jeremiah Michael explains how a formerly "dead" language keeps Judaism alive.

Miracles of Zion - Born in One Day

The story of the United Nations' miraculous 1947 vote that created the State of Israel.

The Great Fight

What does it mean to struggle with God? Are we allowed to struggle with him? During the forty days of repentance we are to take a personal spiritual inventory. Sometimes that means we have issues that we need to work out with God.

Binding and Loosing

Toby Janicki takes a fresh look at Jesus' comments to his disciples giving them the authority to bind and loose. There are a few problems with the traditional Christian interpretation of spiritual warfare with Satan. It turns out, that's not what he was talking about at all.

We Love Death More than You Love Life

Reuven Glasser gives us a vivid picture of the conflict in the Middle East. Israel's enemies, both within and outside the country, have the same mindset about dealing with Israel, and use the media to deceive the world.

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