Messiah Magazine #12

Messiah Magazine 12

Messiah Magazine #12

Spring 2016 (Mar 2016)

Tradition and Law

Considering the sages of Yavneh and their biblical responsibility to adjudicate the Torah

Raising Disciples

Toby Janicki takes a look at what Yeshua and the Gospels have to say about true discipleship

The Talmud

Jeremiah Michael provides historical context and guides us into the study of the Talmud

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In This Issue

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael, founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion, tells a little bit about David Stern and the generous donation of his entire library to the Bram Center.


A new section in the magazine where we do interviews with travelers coming to Israel. This month we have visitors from Finland and Illinois.

Israel and Christian Theology, Part 4: Tradition and Law

In this installment in the series Jacob Fronczak presents the case for the Jewish people being responsible for adjudicating the Old Testament laws. God delegated this responsibility to them. Therefore, the Jewish people alone can decide who is a Jew.

The Siege of Jerusalem

In this short excerpt from Messianic luminary Pauline Rose's story of her arrival in Jerusalem in 1948, we experience an eye-witness account of the conditions in the city during the year that the modern State of Israel was born.

Raising up Disciples

How are disciples of Jesus supposed to live? Toby Janicki explores the teacher/disciple relationship of first-century Judaism and relates it to our relationship to the Jewish Messiah. It's important to understand discipleship the way the original disciples of Jesus would have understood it.

The Pretender, the Prophet, and the King

D. Thomas Lancaster weaves a story together from the Gospels and other historical writings to bring us a tale of King Herod Antipas, John the Immerser, and Yeshua of Nazareth. Why was the king so interested in what John had to say? And why did he want to kill the Master? This article give us a look behind the scenes of a familiar gospel story.

Introduction to the Talmud

Have you ever wondered what the Talmud is all about? Jeremiah Michael explains what it is and why it is a valuable study tool. He also gives us a brief example of a talmudic discussion that brings to life the heartbeat of the sages who wrote it.

Unleavened Bread: Preparation for Passover

In this article by Aaron Eby we find the spiritual connection between the search for chametz (leavened food) and our own walk with God. He offers practical advice for cleaning out our homes and our hearts.

Hope for Israel

Shayna Michael introduces us to Moran Rosenblit and the ministry of Hope for Israel. This vibrant organization is connecting with young Yeshua-believing Israelis who are heading into the IDF and inspiring them to be strong in their faith.

The Feather Story

A whimsical story of Bedikat Chametz written from the perspective of a young religious child in Jerusalem.

Disciple Detectives

Get ready for Purim and all the fun disguises that come with the celebration. What does Jesus say about disguises? That is a mystery to be solved along with riddles and a puzzle.

The Peace Project

K.J. Kruger shares an inspiring story about how students from two schools—one Jewish and one Arab—came together for a day of fellowship.

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