Messiah Magazine #10

Messiah Magazine 10

Messiah Magazine #10

Fall 2015 (Sep 2015)

A Sukkot Story

D. Thomas Lancaster brings the Water Pouring Ceremony of Sukkot to life.


The Mishnah reveals that the sages of Yeshua’s time based their teachings on the biblical texts.

Promise Keeper

Jacob Fronczak takes a fresh look at God’s covenant relationship with Israel.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael, founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion, shares about an encounter he had at an International Christian conference that he attended.


A new section in the magazine where we do interviews with travelers coming to Israel. This month we have visitors from Florida and Hong Kong.

Israel and Christian Theology, Part 2: Unfinished Business

In this new series of articles Jacob Fronczak takes an honest look at replacement theology in the church, and measures to combat it. In Part 2 we take a close look at the promises God made to Abraham and his descendants, and begin to acquire the tools necessary to read the Bible in its ancient context. The promises of Jesus’ return and of the magnificent World to Come are all tied up with the promises of Israel’s national redemption.

Connecting: Mount Zion, Jerusalem

Encounter unique places in Israel and learn about our land, history and culture. Boaz Michael takes us to Mount Zion in this month’s photo essay.

The Kingdom Is Now, Examining the Central Message of the Gospel

What would Jesus say if you asked him what the gospel message is? What was the central focus of Jesus’ ministry? The answer to both of those questions lies in an understanding of what he meant when he talked about the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said the kingdom of heaven was about to come, so why isn’t it here?

House of the Water Drawing

The Master offered living water to anyone who would come to him and drink (John 7:37). In this article, based on Chronicles of the Messiah, D. Thomas Lancaster takes us back to the first century and introduces us to a little-known Sukkot ceremony that brings that statement to living color. The living water imagery comes to life in the water libation from the Pool of Siloam.

Immeasurable Commandments

There are five special commandments in the Torah that have no specific details for an obligatory limit. They have no measure! These commandments form the essential elements for a godly life: protecting the poor, rejoicing in giving God the best we have, honoring our parents, and worshiping God. Jeremiah Michael explores each one with a fresh perspective.

Keeping Promises

In this month’s “Messianic Jewish Voices” section we read an eye-witness testimony of God’s faithfulness to one family who has been in Israel since 1979. Elchanah ben Avraham relates proof that he who gave his promises also keeps his promises in the promised land.

Victor Blum

Shayna Michael introduces us to Victor Blum, a dedicated servant who, along with his wife, Julia, are leading the effort to minister to Russian Holocaust survivors.

Behold, How Good and Pleasant

These days are filled with anticipation of the fall holidays and preparation for them. Tikvah Michael shares a meaningful Sukkot tradition in the land that all of us can take to heart as we celebrate the season.

Sukkah Guests: Ushpizin

Hospitality is highly valued in Jewish life. One is encouraged to invite guests for Shabbats and holidays in general, and even more so during the Sukkot holiday, when hospitality takes on an extra-special focus.

Disciple Detectives

When is the Master going to return? Of course, we would all like to know! There are seven clues that we can watch for as we wait. Try to solve the mystery!

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