Messiah Magazine #1

Messiah Magazine 1

Messiah Magazine #1

Winter 2012 (Nov 2012)

The “Good News”

Understanding “the gospel” in its original historic context.

Winter in Jerusalem

Hebrew insight about a winter festival that predates the birth of Jesus.

Birth of the King

A Jewish reading of one of the most well-loved stories in the Bible.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter

Boaz Michael briefly addresses the importance of relating to the Jewishness of Jesus, and how this understanding is foundational to our relationship with God.


Updates on the latest resources published by First Fruits of Zion, and upcoming events.

The “Good News”

Understanding the Gospel in its original context. A synopsis of an upcoming episode of the new First Fruits of Zion television show: A Promise of What Is to Come.

The Birth of the King

A Jewish reading of a well-loved story from the gospels. Discover more depth in the story of Yeshua's birth when we read it in a Jewish context.

Difficult Sayings of Yeshua: You Are Gods

In the Gospel of John, Yeshua defended himself against a blasphemy charge by appealing to an obscure Jewish interpretation of Psalm 82.

Rome and the Abomination of Desolation

Learn from D. Thomas Lancaster how Caligula, one of the Roman emporors, almost fulfilled the apocalyptic prophecies of Daniel.

Chanukkah and Non-Jews

What exactly is Chanukkah? Learn more about this Jewish holiday and how non-Jews can relate and even participate in it in a meaningful way.

Hebrew Insights: Winter in Jerusalem

Sometimes the shortest verses in the Bible can be some of the most illuminating and perhaps even the most powerful.

The Story of Chanukkah

The eight-day festival of Chanukkah begins each year on the twenty-fifth day of the biblical month of Kislev. Learn about the amazing background to this story of war, bravery, persecution, miracles, dedication, and enlightenment.

Shlichim: “Pagan” Festivals?

Chanukkah isn't the only winter holiday relevant to the Messianic world. What about Christmas. While it is important to refrain from desecrating God’s name by imitating the worship of false gods, it is also important to maintain a healthy and positive relationship with one’s family.

Resource Review: The Concealed Light

A review of a great new book published by Vine of David, exploring the names of Messiah in Jewish Sources.

Revelation and the Bible

Exploring the Jewish Foundation of Christianity, an extract from the first lesson of the HaYesod discipleship program.

Disciple Detectives

Kids, have some fun while you discover the 'mysterious festival' by looking up clues in the Bible and playing word games!

Dear Avi

Answering your everyday Messianic questions. In this answer we explore the difficult verse in John 1:17.

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