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Messiah Magazine #29

Messiah Magazine 29

Messiah Magazine #29

Spring 2023 (Mar 2023)

Season of Redemption

Passover commemorates the past redemption while foreshadowing the greater one to come.

Counting from Passover to Pentecost

The Counting of the Omer is a yearly opportunity for spiritual empowerment toward action.

Messianic Jewish Manifesto

Dr. David Stern, of blessed memory, cast a powerful vision of Messianic Judaism thirty-five years ago.

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Messiah Magazine #28

Messiah Magazine 28

Messiah Magazine #28

Summer 2022 (Sep 2022)

Modern-Day Luminary

How a Jewish surfing enthusiast moved to Israel to build an incredible legacy for Messianic Judaism.

87 Clubs in Texas

Torah Club has a growing footprint in some of the population centers of this state. Read how Torah Club is growing.

Prepare for Shabbat

Our frenzied preparations for Shabbat mirror the urgency of repentance and good deeds in this world.

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Messiah Magazine #27

Messiah Magazine 27

Messiah Magazine #27

Spring 2022 (Apr 2022)

What Happens When You Die?

People from all religions have reported near-death experiences. What's going on?

The Hands of God to Ukraine

A Messianic Jewish rabbi operates a humanitarian mission to care for impoverished Ukrainian Jews.

Afterlife, Kingdom, and the World to Come

Jewish tradition about the afterlife illuminates the New Testament.

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Messiah Magazine #26

Messiah Magazine 26

Messiah Magazine #26

Fall/Winter 2021 (Dec 2021)


The book of Esther teaches us that God sometimes works through hidden miracles.

The Chosen

Most shows about Jesus don’t depict his Jewishness. How did The Chosen get so Jewish?

Under the Water

An exposé on the meaning and method of baptism in Messianic Judaism.

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Messiah Magazine #25

Messiah Magazine 25

Messiah Magazine #25

Summer/Fall 2021 (Aug 2021)

The Days of Awe

Rosh HaShanah, Yom Kippur, and the days between. Repentance and restoration during the ten days between the high holidays.

Music for Messiah

Joshua Aaron, Glen Campbell, and the Liberated Wailing Wall: musicians, past and present, influenced by Messianic teaching.

Signs in the Heavens

Missiles from Gaza, Israel’s Iron Dome defense, and UFOs in American airspace turn eyes skyward.

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Messiah Magazine #24

Messiah Magazine 24

Messiah Magazine #24

Spring/Summer 2021 (May 2021)

The First Pentecost

Fifteen hundred years before Acts 2, an earth-shaking event forever marked the significance of the day of Pentecost.

The Day We Said “I Do”

Shavu’ot is the anniversary of the most magnificent wedding ceremony in history: the marriage of God to his people, Israel.

Is Something Missing?

Church attendance is down. Youth are disaffected. Have we missed a critical component in our local ministries?

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Messiah Magazine #23

Messiah Magazine 23

Messiah Magazine #23

Spring 2019 (Mar 2019)

Behold the Man!

The Story of Jesus' trial and crucifixion.

Messianic Banquet

Discover the origin of a meaningful new Passover tradition.

Prophecy Fulfilled

The miraculous story of the ingathering of Israel's exiles.

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Messiah Magazine #22

Messiah Magazine 22

Messiah Magazine #22

Winter 2018 (Dec 2018)

The Most Tragic Mistake

Boaz Michael elaborates on the terrible mistake the church made in its early years of forgetting that Jesus is Jewish.

A Holiday for Trees

Learn about Tu Bishvat and the traditional Jewish practice honored today, centered on the environment.

Pray for Rain in Israel

The shortage of natural water is the worst that has been measured in about one hundred years.

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Messiah Magazine #21

Messiah Magazine 21

Messiah Magazine #21

Fall 2018 (Sep 2018)

Where Disciples Learn

The story behind First Fruits of Zion’s new Torah Club launch.

Sheep and Goats

The High Holidays in Yeshua’s parable of the Sheep and the Goats.

Miracle at El Alamein

The story of the WWII battle that saved the Jews of Palestine.

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Messiah Magazine #20

Messiah Magazine 20

Messiah Magazine #20

Summer 2018 (May 2018)

Israel Turns 70

“…Shall a land be born in one day? Shall a nation be brought forth in one moment?”

Miracle in Galilee

How could the poorly armed people of Degania be expected to defend themselves against tanks?

Religious Anti-Zionism

Not all religious Jews were in favor of Zionism or the formation of the State of Israel.

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Messiah Magazine #19

Messiah Magazine 19

Messiah Magazine #19

Spring 2018 (Feb 2018)

Study as Worship

In Judaism, the highest form of worship is to study the Torah

The Top Cornerstone

How the stumbling stone the builders rejected becomes the chief cornerstone.

Ministry of Hope

How one charitable ministry in Israel has brought Messiah’s love to Israelis.

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Messiah Magazine #18

Messiah Magazine 18

Messiah Magazine #18

Fall 2017 (Nov 2017)

The Word from Zion

The Bram Center in Jerusalem endeavors to be a hub for Messianic Judaism in Israel.

Spiritual Awakening

The Six-Day War and Shavu’ot 1967 sent a spiritual shock wave around the world.

A Great Miracle

Learn the history and traditions associated with the festival of Hanukkah.

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Messiah Magazine #17

Messiah Magazine 17

Messiah Magazine #17

Summer 2017 (Aug 2017)

Pauline Rose's Flag

How one Messianic Jewish woman’s Israeli flag became a symbol of redemption.

Fish out of Water

A Messianic Gentile at work in Jerusalem’s new aquarium is making news.

Miracle at the UN

The story of how the United Nations fulfilled biblical prophecy.

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Messiah Magazine #16

Messiah Magazine 16

Messiah Magazine #16

Spring 2017 (Apr 2017)

Jerusalem’s Jubilee Year

The liberation of Jerusalem and the miracle of the Six-Day War fifty years ago.

FFOZ Turns 25

Jerusalem’s Jubilee year marks twenty-five years of FFOZ. Take a trip with us down memory lane.

Literal Symbolism

“A sign on your hand … between your eyes … on the doorposts of your house.”

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Messiah Magazine #15

Messiah Magazine 15

Messiah Magazine #15

Winter 2017 (Feb 2017)

The Sabbath

Three religions, Islam, Judaism, Christianity. Three different holy days, but only one Sabbath.

The Pharisees

Jesus and the Pharisees had more in common than you might imagine. You might be surprised.

Smoking Hot Music

The inside scoop on the big, bold Middle Eastern sound of MIQEDEM, a new Israeli Messianic band.

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Messiah Magazine #14

Messiah Magazine 14

Messiah Magazine #14

Fall 2016 (Oct 2016)

Covenant Nation

God’s blessings rest on only one nation—but ultimately extend to all peoples and nations.

The Carpenter

When Jesus left Nazareth, not everyone was happy about it, least of all his own immediate family.

Media Generation

Building fake worlds on electronic social platforms has left us lonely. Take a challenge to leave it behind.

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Messiah Magazine #13

Messiah Magazine 13

Messiah Magazine #13

Summer 2016 (Jul 2016)

War in Jerusalem

Messianic Jewish Yeshua follower, Pauline Rose, shares her life stories about the 1948 war in Jerusalem

Miracles of Israel

Boaz Michael speaks of God’s covenant relationship with the land of Israel

A Soul Refreshed

Be encouraged and challenged to disconnect from the world one day each week

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Messiah Magazine #12

Messiah Magazine 12

Messiah Magazine #12

Spring 2016 (Mar 2016)

Tradition and Law

Considering the sages of Yavneh and their biblical responsibility to adjudicate the Torah

Raising Disciples

Toby Janicki takes a look at what Yeshua and the Gospels have to say about true discipleship

The Talmud

Jeremiah Michael provides historical context and guides us into the study of the Talmud

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Messiah Magazine #11

Messiah Magazine 11

Messiah Magazine #11

Winter 2015 (Nov 2015)

Least and Greatest

Understand Yeshua’s words about John in Matthew 11 by considering their original Hebrew context.

Days of Fasting

Tikvah Michael shares helpful ideas for your family as you fast during times of remembrance.


Fun for kids! Solve a mystery and learn about the trees of the Bible in a crossword puzzle.

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Messiah Magazine #10

Messiah Magazine 10

Messiah Magazine #10

Fall 2015 (Sep 2015)

A Sukkot Story

D. Thomas Lancaster brings the Water Pouring Ceremony of Sukkot to life.


The Mishnah reveals that the sages of Yeshua’s time based their teachings on the biblical texts.

Promise Keeper

Jacob Fronczak takes a fresh look at God’s covenant relationship with Israel.

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Messiah Magazine #9

Messiah Magazine 9

Messiah Magazine #9

Spring 2015 (May 2015)


Interviews, discussions, and reflections on the experiences of visitors coming to Israel.


Boaz Michael provides visual tours of places in Israel that most tourists never have the chance to see.

People Like Us

Stories of Israeli believers in Yeshua and how Messianic Judaism is making an impact in the land.

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Messiah Magazine #8

Messiah Magazine 8

Messiah Magazine #8

Winter 2015 (Jan 2015)

Good Advice

Practical advice for readers—this issue shares a tidbit on speaking words of life to our children.

Good News

An examination of the real gospel message, the kingdom of heaven, and the good news.

The Galilee

Explore the northern regions of the Land with Shayna Michael and discover a spiritual gateway.

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Messiah Magazine #7

Messiah Magazine 7

Messiah Magazine #7

Fall 2014 (Oct 2014)

Grace Alone?

A look at how the “law versus grace” paradigm can stunt spiritual growth and limit our mastery over sin.

Hanukkah Lessons

Reflections on God’s faithfulness and the dedication we can rekindle in our families during this season.


The words of the prophet Zechariah are literally coming to pass today as the Nation of Israel is inhabited.

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Messiah Magazine #6

Messiah Magazine 6

Messiah Magazine #6

Summer 2014 (Jul 2014)

In the Wilderness

The Negev: Israel’s desert region— consider the ancient promises made and their fulfillment today.

Difficult Sayings

A short study on Yeshua’s sorrowful cry, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Siege of Jerusalem

Read the first chapter in Pauline Rose’s eyewitness account of events in Jerusalem during 1948.

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Messiah Magazine #5

Messiah Magazine 5

Messiah Magazine #5

Spring 2014 (Apr 2014)

Difficult Sayings

What did Jesus mean when he instructed his disciples to “shake the dust from your feet”?

Jerusalem of Gold

Discover the Holy City of Jerusalem and learn about her name and her history.

Before the Church

Did the first disciples adopt any new customs or innovations distinct from Judaism?

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Messiah Magazine #4

Messiah Magazine 4

Messiah Magazine #4

Winter 2014 (Jan 2014)

Jewish Prophecies

Dig deeper into the end times and the role of Israel in the salvation of the nations.

Jesus Baptized

Why did this sinless man need to undergo a baptism of repentance?

Turn the Other Cheek

Is it a godly thing not to resist one who is evil and defend yourself?

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Messiah Magazine #3

Messiah Magazine 3

Messiah Magazine #3

Summer 2013 (Aug 2013)


Learn about the name of the Messiah, the name above all names.

John & the Bandit

One apostle’s heroic attempt to rescue a lost soul from a life of sin.

Jesus Salesmen

Do you find it difficult to tell others about your faith? You’re not alone.

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Messiah Magazine #2

Messiah Magazine 2

Messiah Magazine #2

Spring 2013 (Mar 2013)

The Last Seder

Jesus’ last meal with his disciples, as seen through Jewish eyes.

The Passover Cup

The meaning behind Jesus’ cryptic saying “…this is my blood…” revealed.

Israel in Prophecy

An examination of Israel’s prophetic role and her redemptive calling.

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Messiah Magazine #1

Messiah Magazine 1

Messiah Magazine #1

Winter 2012 (Nov 2012)

The “Good News”

Understanding “the gospel” in its original historic context.

Winter in Jerusalem

Hebrew insight about a winter festival that predates the birth of Jesus.

Birth of the King

A Jewish reading of one of the most well-loved stories in the Bible.

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