Messiah Journal #130

Messiah Journal 130

Messiah Journal #130

Spring 2018 (May 2018)HTML Format

The Reverend Levertoff

The story of P. P. Levertoff, one of Messianic Judaism’s brightest minds.

Levertoff’s Daughters

The true story of Levertoff’s prolific and high-profile daughters.

Christ and the Shekinah

Recovering Levertoff’s lost manuscript on reconciling Christology with the Jewish theology of the Shechinah.

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In This Issue

Director’s Letter: Rabbi Good Heart - Paul Philip Levertoff

Boaz Michael introduces us to the contents of this issue. He goes into detail about the long journey and twists and turns of gathering information and translating the latest project from Vine of David.

Reader Feedback

Read some of the very interesting and encouraging stories shared by many of our readers from around the globe.

The Reverend Paul P. Levertoff: A Short Biography

This issue's feature is a compilation of information about the life of Paul Philip Levertoff done by Brian Reed, translator of the new Vine of David edition of The Religious Thought of the Chasidim.

Levertoff's Sketch of Yeshiva Life

Toby Janicki collected articles from early issues of Paul Levertoff's quarterly journal The Church and the Jews that describe what life was like in the Volozhin yeshiva that Levertoff attended in his youth.

The Church and the Jews

Paul Philip Levertoff was the editor of a quarterly Messianic mission journal from 1923 until his death in 1954. Toby Janicki tells the story of how FFOZ acquired many of the issues and lists the missing ones.

In This Dark I Rest

Shayna Michael's investigative work produced the story of the lives of Paul Levertoff's two daughters, Olga and Denise. She poignantly describes both the triumphs and failures of these two brilliant women and shares the poem they co-wrote for their father.

Christ and the Shekinah

Daniel Lancaster makes an attempt to reconstruct a missing manuscript that was to be Paul Levertoff's "book of his life" by piecing together several works that relate to Christology in Jewish terms.

Glory in the Face

This article is what we believe to be a chapter from the missing Christ and the Shekinah manuscript that was published in one of Olga Levertoff's many books.

Apology to Levertoff

This article contains the contents of a letter written by Chaim Yedidiah Pollak (Theophilus Lucky) to Paul Levertoff after they parted ways because of disagreements.

Levertoff and the Jewish Christian Union

Reprinted from Messiah Journal 118, Part 4 of Bram: The Life and Wisdom of Messianic Jewish Pioneer Abram Poljak detailing Poljak's work with Paul Levertoff at the Jewish Christian Union in England.

Spring Reading

FFOZ reviews four new titles.

  1. Jewish Scholarship on the Resurrection of Jesus - by David Mishkin
  2. Seven Gates of Righteous Knowledge: Spiritual Knowledge and Faith for All Righteous Gentiles - by Rabbi Moshe Weiner
  3. Laws of Ger Toshav: The Gentile Who Rejects Idolatry - by Rabbi David Katz
  4. Reading Ephesians and Colossians after Supersessionism: Christ's Mission through Israel to the Nations - by Lionel J. Windsor
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