Messiah Journal #123

Messiah Journal 123

Messiah Journal #123

Spring 2016 (Apr 2016)HTML Format

Passover in Genesis

Finding the story of the redemption concealed in the first book of the Torah

One Day above Another

Taking a fresh look at the controversial Sabbath question in Romans chapter 14

Battle for Haifa

Abram Poljak arrives in 1948 Palestine, just before the War for Independence begins

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In This Issue

Director’s Letter: The Future Today

Boaz Michael focuses attention on the mission of First Fruits of Zion in advancing Messianic Judaism for All Nations. He specifically emphasizes the need for unity in the body of Messiah with regard to the Messianic Kingdom and the distinctions between Jewish and Gentile believers in Messiah.

Reader Feedback

Read some of the very interesting and encouraging stories shared by many of our readers from around the globe.

Toward a Messianic Jewish Theology

Part 3: Human and Machine Logic. In this essay, Jacob Fronczak continues in this exciting series in the quest to establish a consistent and authentic theology for Messianic Judaism. Part 3 takes readers on an adventure in computer language as he explains a simple Turing machine. How does this relate to building a Messianic Jewish theology? We'll begin to learn that in Part 4, but understanding the important role of logic in developing a theology is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Passover in Genesis

Toby Janicki explores how God reveals his plan of redemption in patterns and cyles that encompass past, present, and future for all humanity. This pattern began in Genesis with the creation of the universe. God established his appointed times from the foundation of the world. This article visits the Passover events that transpired in the Genesis narrative.

The Weak and the Strong

One of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted passages of Scripture is in Romans 14. Is the Sabbath optional? Are the dietary laws only for those who are weak in faith? D. Thomas Lancaster picks apart Romans 14:1-7 and gives the context and purpose of these difficult words of Paul, and ultimately uncovers its original meaning.

Jew-Gentile Distinction in Acts

In Acts 15:8-9 Peter commented that God made “no distinction” between Gentile and Jewish believers in Jesus when he gave both parties his Holy Spirit and purified their hearts by faith. It sounds as if he means to say that there is no difference between the two in the body of Messiah. Does the remainder of Acts support this idea? This study examines whether the narrative of Acts 15:30-28:31 (from the end the Jerusalem council to the end of Acts) supports or undermines what David B. Woods calls the theory of intra-ecclesial Jew-Gentile distinction.

Messianic Luminaries: Battle for Haifa

Part 9 of Bram: The Life and Wisdom of Messianic Jewish Pioneer Abram Poljak in His Own Words. See previous Messiah Journal issues for earlier chapters in this series.

The Messianic Era and the Days of the World to Come

We continue the translation of Messianic luminary Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein’s work on the Messianic Era and the World to Come. In part 4 of this translation, we deal with the the role of Torah in the Messianic Era. Lichtenstein takes the reader through two different opinions on this matter.

Messianic Luminaries: The Meditations of My Heart on Rosh HaShanah

We are pleased to present an excerpt from the forthcoming collection of the writings of Chaim Yedidiah Theophilus Lucky. This piece of Messianic Jewish history is taken from the periodical that Lucky produced called Edut LeYisra'el Volume V, Issue 1, 5658 (1898).

Spring Reading: First Fruits of Zion reviews three new books

  1. Christianity in the Making, Book 3 - Neither Jew nor Greek: A Contested Identity: By James D.G.Dunn
  2. Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence: By Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  3. The Jewish Sabbath: From the Maccabees to Qumran: by Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg
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