Messiah Journal #122

Messiah Journal 122

Messiah Journal #122

Winter 2016 (Jan 2016)HTML Format

Worldview Matters

Explore the human mind to reveal how the assumptions of our worldviews dictate our theology.

The Catholics and Jews

The Catholic Church is saying nice things about Jews and Judaism. What’s going on?

The Torah Club Smuggler

First Fruits of Zion’s recent trip to bring Messianic Jewish teaching to Hong Kong and mainland China.

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In This Issue

Director’s Letter: The Power of Being a Gentile

In light of the recent San Bernardino terrorist attack, Boaz Michael speaks about the powerful testimony Messianic Gentiles have. Nicholas Thalasinos who was killed in the attack, was mistakenly identified by the media as a Messianic Jew. Related to the topic discussed here, it would have been different had he been identified as a Messianic Gentile who stands with Israel. When Gentiles are clearly identified as standing with the nation, and worshiping the God of Israel, their testimony can subvert the historical supersessionist narrative both within and outside of the body of Messiah.

Reader Feedback

Read some of the very interesting and encouraging stories shared by many of our readers from around the globe.

Tour Modern Israel

First Fruits of Zion tour has a new tour with a special focus on the modern State of Israel. See what the new tour offers.

FFOZ at SBL National Conference

While attending sessions and interacting with some of the world’s top biblical scholars, Ryan Lambert, FFOZ's Director of Outreach, was able to discuss the work of First Fruits of Zion, and observe how the platform for Messianic Judaism is continuing to expand.

Toward a Messianic Jewish Theology

Part 2: Worldview Matters. In this lengthy essay, Jacob Fronczak continues in this exciting series in the quest to establish a consistent and authentic theology for Messianic Judaism. Part 2 delves into the concept of a person's worldview, and how that can be a hurdle to understanding Messianic Jewish theology, or explaining such a theology properly to someone from a different worldview. Tracing differences in theological understanding back to differences in worldview can present opportunities to have meaningful discussions about big ideas, as opposed to surface-level interactions with no purpose.

The Vatican's New Perspective on Judaism

New attitudes inspire hope for reconciliation between Judaism and Christianity. Two new theological statements, one from the Vatican, and one from the Center for Jewish Christian Understanding & Dialogue, call for a theological "cease fire" to the interfaith conflict that has characterized the relationship between the church and the Jewish people for the last two thousand years.

The Torah Club Smuggler

One billion four hundred thousand people in China, seventy million Christians, and one Torah Club smuggler. In this exciting report-back, D. Thomas Lancaster, who recently returned from an FFOZ tour to China together with Boaz Michael, discusses many of the interesting aspect of their trip and how Chinese Christians are connecting with Messianic Jewish teaching and with Israel.

Promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Part 4. In this final part of the series, Rabbi Carl Kinbar writes about the idea of Messiah as a Servant to the Jews (Romans 15:8), shedding deeper light on Paul's theology of Israel as expressed in Romans 15. Kinbar writes that Messiah serves “on behalf of the truth of God.” He is an emissary of the truth who also embodies and establishes the truth. Messiah serves “to confirm the promises to the fathers,” the three core oaths that God had made to the fathers concerning Israel’s fruitfulness, the gift of the land, and the Gentiles being blessed in Jacob’s children.

The Messianic Era and the Days of the World to Come

We continue the translation of Messianic luminary Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein’s work on the Messianic Era and the World to Come. In part 3 of this translation, we deal with the coming of the Messiah. In this chapter Rabbi Lichtenstein highlights the differences of opinion between the classic rabbis of the Talmudic Era (third to sixth centuries CE) and the Rambam regarding the coming of the Messiah and his nature.

My Brother's Kippah

Why do so many Messianic Gentiles adopt the custom of the Jewish head covering? Toby Janicki delves into history of the Jewish practice, the real meaning or symbolism of the practice, and the perspective of the Jewish community towards Gentiles covering their heads in synagogue and in public. Toby concludes with some practical advice for Gentiles in this matter.

Messianic Luminaries: Fortress Jerusalem

Part 8 (Chapter 9) of Bram: The Life and Wisdom of Messianic Jewish Pioneer Abram Poljak in His Own Words. See previous Messiah Journal issues for earlier chapters in this series.

Winter Reading: First Fruits of Zion reviews a new book

  1. The Torah's Goal: By Seth Postell and Eitan Bar. Publisher: One for Israel Ministry.
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