Messiah Journal #111

Messiah Journal 111

Messiah Journal #111

Fall 2012 (Oct 2012)HTML Format

Berlin Statement

A watershed development, affirming Torah's place in Messianic Judaism.

The Birth of Yeshua

Is there a tradition of Jewish believers celebrating the birth of their Master at the festival of Sukkot?

Proclaim Liberty

Learn what is means to be, or not be, an effective witness for the Messiah.

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In This Issue

Director’s Letter

Boaz Michael shares his thoughts as we enter a new year, with a renewed vision.

Reader Feedback

Introduction to the Berlin Statement on the Torah

The Helsinki Consultation on Jewish Continuity in the Body of Messiah: A Reflection on the Theological significance of Jewish identity within the Messianic movement. Rabbi Dr. Mark Kinzer introduces an exciting positive step forward for the role of Torah and traditional Jewish practice in Messianic Judaism.

The Berlin Statement on the Torah

A watershed development, affirming Torah's place in Messianic Judaism.

The Birth of Yeshua at Sukkot

D. Thomas Lancaster digs into an early Jewish source to offer new evidence that Jewish believers used to remember the birth of our Master during the festival of Sukkot.

Holy Guests

Toby Janicki continues the Sukkot theme with a discussion of the mystical custom of welcoming ushpizin (guests) into the Sukkah.

Joshua: Name Above All Names?

Some insights into the Master's Hebrew name.

You Have Not Obeyed Me in Proclaiming Liberty

We take a hard look at the history of Messianic Judaism in Israel and some of the failed assumptions that make the Messianic option distasteful for Jewish seekers.

Sola Scriptura

Part 1 of 5. Critical looks at the five solae, the theological building blocks of the Protestant Reformation. In this first contribution, Jacob Fronczak raises questions about the reformation-era mantra sola scriptura.

Two-House and One-Law Trajectories

Boaz Michael offers an article about his concerns with the direction of Two House and One Law theology, based on a lecture he presented in the theological track of the 2012 Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC) conference.

Origins of Supersessionism in the Church

Part Three: James Pyles brings us his third installment of this series on supersessionism in the church.

Shema: "Whole-hearted Love"-The Second Imperative

The third and final installment of UMJC executive director Russ Resnik’s series on the Shema.

The Jerusalem School

We take you to a special school founded in 1987, that work with Palestinian children.

Prayer and Love

Vine of David continues to publish Paul Philip Levertoff’s classic study, Religious Ideas of the Chasidim, translated here for the first time ever into English.

Fall Reading

Two New Reviews

  1. Parables of the Sages: Jewish Wisdom from Jesus to Rav Ashi, by R. Steven Notley, Zeev Safrai
  2. Jesus: A Very Short Introduction by Richard Bauckham
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