Messiah Journal #109

Messiah Journal 109

Messiah Journal #109

Winter 2012 (Feb 2012)HTML Format

HaShem is One

Living out the implications of the Shema in everyday life.

How Much Torah?

Which commandments of the Torah apply to God-fearing Gentile believers?

How Much Tradition?

The controversial role of Jewish tradition in the practice of Messianic Judaism.

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In This Issue

Director's Letter: A Simple Vision

Reader Feedback

Halachic Authority in the Life of the Messianic Community

An adaptation of a lecture given to Messianic leaders in Israel on September 5, 2008, which was the final chord of a debate between those Messianic Jews who teach to live according to Jewish tradition and those who view this tradition as "the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.

Shema: Living the Great Commandment

HaShem is One. The Shema as prayer and creed is a profound key to Jewish continuity through the ages. Yet these are secondary applications; underlying them is the primary meaning of the Shema as commandment. Learn about living out the implications of the Shema in everyday life.

Origins of Supercessionism in the Church

Part 1: With the foundation of the early Messianic community being so thoroughly Jewish, how did a concept like supersessionism even come into being?

The Writing on the Wall

Exile and Redemption: Examine Yeshua's teaching on the reasons for the destruction of the Second Temple.

A Gentile Believer's Obligation to the Torah

How Much Torah? Which commandments of the Torah apply to God-fearing Gentile believers? Do they too have certain biblical responsibilities towards a Torah life?

Fire by Night

Candle lighting at the onset of the Sabbath is one of the most well-known and ancient customs in Judaism. While it is easy to perceive the beauty, peace, and holiness symbolized in this ritual, there is mystery in some of its details.

Humility and Love for God

Vine of David presents another installment in this series of articles by Paul Philip Levertoff's classic study, "Die religiose Denkweise der Chassidim," The Religious Ideas of the Chasidim. (


Letting Go: K.J. Kruger writes of tikkun olam and letting go of unprofitable things.

Fall Reading

Two new reviews:

  1. A Jew to the Jews: Jewish Contours of Pauline Flexibility in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23, by David J. Rudolph.
  2. The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited, by Scot McKnight.
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