Messiah Journal #106

Messiah Journal 106

Messiah Journal #106

Winter 2011 (Mar 2011)HTML Format

Carry Your Mat

An examination of the Johanine Sabbath conflicts.

Knowledge of God

A translation from Paul Philip Levertoff’s Religious Ideas of the Chasidim.

Getting Saved

Has the mode of salvation changed since the days of King David?

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In This Issue

The Memory of the Righteous

Boaz shares his thoughts, in loving memory of Dwight A. Pryor who passed away in Adar 5771, who will be remembered for his great scholarship and his contribution to the work of restoring the Jewish Roots of Christianity.

Reader Feedback

Read some interesting positive and negative feedback from our readers.

Loving Others: The Summary of the Torah

You have heard the idea that the Law is impossible for us to keep. You have also heard that Yeshua fulfilled the law for us and gave us a new and simpler commandment. But have you heard that this is not really a new commandment?

Leaving Nothing to Chance

Purim is a time for remembering the hidden miracles of God. In this article, learn how similar the circumstances of the Jews in the book of Esther are to our own, and how we need to look for the miracles of God in our day.

The Exodus Epic

Salvation is more than just escaping from 'Pharaoh.' The Exodus story teaches us about the big picture of our salvation and our journey to fellowship with God.

This Man Breaks the Sabbath

Yeshua healed on the Sabbath. In performing this act he executed several actions that are forbidden in the Talmud today. Learn how this incident provides the ethical and legal framework for understanding all of Yeshua's Sabbath-conflicts with the religious authorities of his day.

The Chassidic Doctrine of Salvation

Vine of David presents the first installment in a series of articles translating to English, for the first time ever, Paul Philip Levertoff's classic study, Die religiöse Denkweise der Chassidim (Leipzig: J. C. Hinrichs, 1918). Translated by Vine of David volunteer Kevin Hanke.

Cheeses of Galilee

Learn how, through prayer, vision and hard work, a pioneering couple succeeded in setting up a dairy farm in the lower Galilee and
became good stewards of a small piece of Eretz Yisrael.

From Where Does My Salvation Come?

The story of man's need for salvation is revealed in the first chapters of Genesis. The way of salvation has not changed and will not change. This is a look at the the theology of salvation throughout the Bible.

Did Jesus Make "Unclean" Foods "Clean"?

Guest contributor David Bivin of the Jerusalem Synoptic School offers some insights into the controversy over ritual hand-washing and how examining the verses in Mark 7 and Matthew 15 in their historical context brings out the true meaning of these often misunderstood passages.

Archaeology and the Bible

Recent discoveries in Israel have uncovered Philistine Gath and the long, lost tomb of King Herod. The Gath excavation illustrates biblical texts from the Tanach, and the tomb of Herod provides important background to the Gospels.

Spring Reading

First Fruits of Zion reviews a new book by Sue Fishkoff about why more and more of America's food answers to a higher authority.

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