Messiah Journal #105

Messiah Journal 105

Messiah Journal #105

Fall 2010 (Dec 2010)HTML Format

Franz Delitzsch

Franz Delitzsch’s love for the Jewish people inspired his Hebrew translation of the Gospels.

The Talmud on Trial

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein counters anti‑rabbinic sentiments by showing the Talmud in an Apostolic light.

Days of the Messiah

An examination of the two-era view: Is there a precedent in Judaism for more than one Messianic advent?

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In This Issue

Line Extension

Boaz discussed "Line Extension", a business terms that is used when an established product's brand name is used for a new item in the same product category, and how that applies to First Fruits of Zion.

Reader Feedback

Read some interesting positive and negative feedback from our readers.

Yeshua's Spirituality and Ethics

Yeshua called men and women to follow him. One of the editorial purposes in Luke's gospel is to show his ethics and spirituality. Read between the lines and learn about the profound characteristics of Yeshua and discover his imitable life.

One Law for All

Should the language of "one law" in the Torah be understood in terms of equal obligation to every commandment regardless of the different people and gender groups that are clearly identified in the Torah?

Franz Delitzsch, Scholar, and Missionary

A biography of Delitzsch. Franz Delitzsch published a series of commentaries on the Hebrew Bible and wrote extensively on Rabbinic subjects. He is is best known for his translation of the New Testament into Hebrew.

A Pregnant Pause

K.J. Krueger speaks to Sandy Shoshani, director of Be'ad Chaim in Israel, about her vision and passion to save the unborn, and the practical services they provide in Israel to educate and counsel the public on abortion and related issues.

A Visit to Hebron

K.J. Krueger visits Hebron. Located in the heart of Judea, amidst a hilly landscape, Hebron is probably one of the oldest cities in the world, the site of ancient strife and impassioned devotion.

Introduction to Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein

Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein (1825-1909) was among the best-known Jewish believers in Jesus (JBJ) in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This is a brief overview of Lichtenstein's life.

The Talmud on Trial

Vine of David is pleased to present, for the first time in English, the entirety of Rabbi Lichtenstein's 1886 publication The Talmud on Trial. Translated from the German by Kevin Hanke, with additional translation by Nikola Orlic, and Jeff Ashman. Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein originally published The Talmud on Trial in 1886, prior to publicly announcing his faith in Yeshua.

The Second Coming and the Days of the Messiah—A Chasidic Approach

A simple survey of the Talmud's most comprehensive discussion on the subject of messianic expectation reveals the lack of uniformity as to who Mashiach is, what he is to accomplish, and how. From where then does the ubiquitous and well-entrenched challenge to Yeshua's messiahship arise? In this article, Yisrael Levitt attempts to identify the source of this standard objection to faith in Yeshua's messiahship and then cross-examines the objection, using material only from Jewish sources.

Fall Reading

First Fruits of Zion reviews three new books covering the Sabbath, Noachide laws and the Logos theology of John in light of Jewish Targums.

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