Messiah Journal #102

Messiah Journal 102

Messiah Journal #102

Fall 2009 (Mar 2010)HTML Format

Messianic Milestones

The emergence of the modern Messianic Jewish Movement.


A Reformation-era Messianic movement in Transylvania.

Heavenly Adam

How can man be made in the image of God if God does not have any form?

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In This Issue

The Hebrew Christian Community and the Kingdom Brotherhood

Why was the Hebrew Christian Community founded, and how did it come to be set up? An excerpt from Auf dem Wege (­Möttlingen: Patmos Publishing House, 1958), translated by Vine of David volunteer Ann Robertson. Poljak's never-before-translated "Hebrew Christian Community" lays out his vision of the kingdom of heaven and the origin of Messianic Judaism—a kingdom movement for both Jews and Gentiles.

The Emergence of Messianic Judaism

This article will attempt, in a brief way, to give an overview of some key events, organizations, and individuals that have shaped the history and practice of Messianic Judaism.

Gentiles and the Festivals of Israel

Toby Janicki looks for evidence of Gentile believers keeping God's appointed times in the earliest years of Christianity.

The Sabbath-Keepers of Transylvania

D. Thomas Lancaster looks back to a Reformation-era version of the Messianic movement that took place in Transylvania. An abridged version of his article, "The Sabbath-keepers of Transylvania," originally appeared in Messiah Magazine (Vol 1) # 93. We are pleased to now offer this important story in its entirety.

The Yoke and Cost of Discipleship

The article "The Yoke and Cost of Discipleship" teaches about taking on the yoke of discipleship to Yeshua. It is a virtual transcript of one of Toby Janicki's lecture segments in the new HaYesod program.

Adam Kadmon: The Image of God

In this article Toby Janicki takes a look at apostolic Christology in light of the ancient Jewish belief in a heavenly Adam. As Messianic leaders and theologians seek a Messianic Jewish path to Christology, we will do well to consider the input of earlier generations.

Mystical Hermeneutics and the Scriptures

What is a mystical hermeneutic? This interpretive method is one that views the Hebrew Scriptures as having shades of meaning in addition to a strict grammatical interpretation. But is it a valid way to interpret the Scriptures? Where did it originate and who uses it? Is it applied by the Apostles?

Choosing an Optimistic Outlook

Words have power. They have the incredible power to create. A lot can be learned as we study the creation narratives in the book of Genesis. After the Creator made each unique thing in this universe, he called it "good." What an amazing example for us to follow in our daily lives.

The Temple in History

Aaron Eby brings us the second installment in his new series about Yeshua as the prophet of the destruction of the second Temple in "The Temple in History," tracing its basic history from ancient times until its destruction and beyond.

Winter Reading

Sabbath: The Ancient Practices Series
By: Dan B. Allender
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-8499-0107-2
208 pages

The Koren Sacks Siddur
Translated by: Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sacks
Publisher: Koren Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-9653012172
1280 Pages

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