Messiah Journal #101

Messiah Journal 101

Messiah Journal #101

Summer 2009 (Aug 2009)HTML Format

New Ministries

FFOZ is pleased to announce an expanded focus in its new publishing arm, Vine of David.

Divine Invitation

Exactly how much Torah is a Gentile allowed to keep? And how much is too much?

Take Hold!

A sneak-peek excerpt from the all new HaYesod discipleship program.

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In This Issue

Busy Summer at First Fruits of Zion

A Letter from Boaz Michael, FFOZ Director, reflecting on what is happening within First Fruits this summer.

Vine of David

An overview of why it became necessary to create a new publishing arm within First Fruits of Zion, and a look at the projects we are working on.

Encountering Yeshua in the Gospels

Yeshua—radical, rebel, or rabbi? Vine of David translator Robert Morris reflects on a year of translating Hebrew Gospel texts and commentary and offers a fresh impression of our Master.

The Egyptian Exile

Echoes of Joseph's descent to Egypt ripple through history. It becomes a shadow of Israel in exile that looms over Yeshua, even in infancy.

Love and the Messianic Age

In the Messianic Era, every man will know God, and the veil will be removed. Paul Philip Levertoff wants us to reach for that level of revelation today. A review of our first Vine of David publication, Love and the Messianic Age.

Who Has Made Me According to His Will

Are you struggling with your self-image? Do you feel homely and unattractive? Then remember that a daughter of God does not find her identity in the physical.

What is a Gentile?

Is the word "Gentile" a negative term? Does it refer to pagans and idolaters? Is it a term that non-Jewish believers should feel comfortable with?

One Law and the Messianic Gentile

Take a theological journey with First Fruits of Zion as we grapple with the "One-Law" question and our position regarding Jews, Gentiles, and their respective obligations to Torah.

Crumbs from the Table

First Fruits of Zion responds to a recent article by the staff of Tikkun International regarding the role of Gentiles in Messianic Judaism and Torah life. Original article online at

Gentiles Observing Torah in Jewish Law

According to rabbinic legal opinions, how much Torah is a Gentile allowed to keep? How much is too much? The answer may surprise you.

Take Hold and Keep the Sabbath

The all new HaYesod discipleship program is scheduled for release this fall. Enjoy a sneak-peek at the new HaYesod material.

Book Reviews

First Fruits of Zion reviews two new books about the Jewishness of Jesus, written from opposite perspectives.

Our Message and Mission

Founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion,
Boaz Michael, reviews the message and mission of this ministry and shares his hopes for the next generation of Torah-minded disciples.

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