Messiah Journal

Moving beyond “Jewish Roots 101” and presenting views shaping the world of Messianic Judaism today.

A Journal for the Messianic Movement

A flagship publication of First Fruits of Zion

Don’t get left behind! Messiah Journal keeps you up to speed and in the loop with the latest, progressive thought and theology in today’s Messianic Jewish movement. We pack every issue with solid learning, new perspectives, and fresh teachings.

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What will you find inside?

Every issue of Messiah Journal contains classic teachings from yesterday’s Messianic pioneers and today’s Messianic teachers. Messiah Journal moves the message beyond “Jewish Roots 101” and presents the progressive thought and cutting-edge issues that are shaping the world of Messianic Judaism today.

  • 70 to 90 pages in a comfortable 6.5” x 9” journal format
  • Solid, balanced, progressive teachings from reliable teachers
  • First-time translations of Jewish and Messianic texts
  • In-depth, academic research in a popular format
  • Practical applications of Torah and Messianic Life
  • News from First Fruits of Zion and Vine of David
  • Published biannually

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