Meet our Teaching Team

Boaz Michael

The Founder and Director of First Fruits of Zion. He resides in Jerusalem, Israel, from where he directs First Fruits of Zion’s international efforts, and is active in the Bram Center for Messianic Jewish Learning in Jerusalem.

D. Thomas Lancaster

Director of Education at First Fruits of Zion, the author of the Torah Club programs and several books and study programs. He is also the pastor of Beth Immanuel Sabbath Fellowship in Hudson, WI (

Damian Eisner

Damian Eisner is the Torah Club Director. Damian provides overall leadership to the Torah Club program. He directs our Torah Club staff and focuses on the growth and strength of the Torah Club network. He is also the Messianic rabbi at Shalom Macon in Macon, GA (

Aaron Eby

The Vine of David Director and an author and translator for FFOZ. He was the chief translator of The Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels and works to develop liturgical resources that will strengthen Messianic Judaism.