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A Promise of
What is to Come

Join us as we focus on study and education,
laboring daily toward the kingdom of heaven.

Founding Principles


1. Restore a Jewish Messiah

Yeshua is Jewish. When he comes again, he will still be Jewish. Yeshua’s life was rooted in the land and in the Judaism of his day. As his followers, we must reclaim a clear understanding of his relationship with the Jewish people, and also his relationship with the land of Israel. His message, however, is for everyone, and he is expanding the commonwealth of Israel by gathering all who believe in him into the household of Abraham, just as God promised.

2. Restore the Gospel

The rich fullness of the good news (Gospel) preached by Yeshua and his disciples must be restored. It is an urgent call to repentance that demands we turn away from sin and live out lives of righteousness. The Gospel must result in lives visibly transformed, raised together with Messiah. This is the gospel message. Repent—change the way you live your life and begin to obey the commandments of God—for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. You can, in some way, bring God’s rule down to earth through your actions; it is possible to live now for the realization of this Messianic Age. Discipleship is the call of the Gospels and is the art of imitating one's Master. For us as disciples, it requires us to be careful students—learning Yeshua’s words and seeking to do all things as he did.

3. Restore the Torah

Since the early second century, the Torah has been largely neglected by the Body of Messiah. We believe that the Torah is the instruction book given to us by our loving heavenly Father for our good. The Torah defines sin and points us toward righteousness and godliness. We endeavor to restore recognition of the Torah as God’s eternal standard of righteousness to its place of prominence and authority in the community of faith.

4. Restore Israel

The Bible doesn’t support replacement theology. From Genesis 12 to Revelation 22, Israel and the Jewish people are central. The restoration of Israel concept is multifaceted and layered. The Bible establishes the unique relationship that God has with ethnic Israel—something that will never change. But the prophets also envisioned that myriads of Gentiles would come to the knowledge of the Messiah, submission to his rule, and connect to the people of Israel. Isaiah (2:2) prophesied that people from all nations—Gentiles—would flow to Jerusalem and worship there. Later in Isaiah (11:10–12), Messiah is said to inspire Gentiles to come to him as well as re-gather the scattered Jewish people. Isaiah 49:6, Micah 4:2, and Zechariah 8:22–23 contain similar prophecies.

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