Essential Copyright Guidelines

  • The copying, sharing, or duplication of any First Fruits of Zion publications is not permitted.
  • Need clarification? Want good ideas for cost-effective sharing? Desire to request special permission? Please contact our Administrative Care Team or call us at 800 775 4807

Copyright Detail

Duplication of any First Fruits of Zion publications or resources is prohibited. Reproduction, by any mechanical, optical, or electronic methods, in part or in whole, (including sharing from personal devices, via email, via social media or device sharing technologies, or social media platforms) is prohibited.

While we grant permission to reference any FFOZ publications or resources, written or electronic (see Reference and Citation below), creating derivitive works in any form, written or electronic, (eg. a booklet, or blog) from any material, is strictly prohibited.

This copyright includes, and is not limited to HaYesod, Torah Club, Messiah Magazine, Messiah Journal, Vine of David, books, ebooks, audiobooks, PDFs, Audio CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, articles, and the contents and intellectual property of the FFOZ, and FFOZ authored websites, unless otherwise specified in writing.

All FFOZ publications are subject to the copyright protection laws of the United States and its international convention and treaty partners. If FFOZ has given you expressed written permission to reproduce a specific work, that written permission must accompany each individual copy you make.

Biblical Foundations for Copyright

The educational materials of First Fruits of Zion are created with great care, great love, and at great financial expense. Sales of these materials create a mechanism of support by which our non-profit ministry is funded and grows. This is also how the individuals and families employed by the ministry make their sustenance. Unauthorized reproduction of our materials is strictly prohibited. Deuteronomy 24:15 teaches us that you shall "give a man his wages" so it will not "become sin in you", and again Yeshua teaches us "the worker is worthy of his support" (Matthew 10:10). The writers and authors of FFOZ diligently seek to uphold the intellectual property rights of others and firmly believe that violation of copyright is equivalent to encroachment by Torah law, concerning which it says, "Cursed is he who moves his neighbor's boundary mark" (Deuteronomy 27:17).

Reference and Citation

We grant permission to reference short quotations (less than 400 words) in reviews, magazines, newsletters, websites, or other publications. Requests for permission to reproduce more than 400 words must be made in writing.

When citing from FFOZ-published works for bibliographic purposes, please include the following:

Name of Resource
Article Title / Section (if applicable)
First Fruits of Zion

    Torah Club: Depths of the Torah, Parashat Noach, Daniel Lancaster, First Fruits of Zion, 800.775.4807,

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