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Apostolic Guidance for Gentiles and Messianic Judaism

Imagine Discovering a Lost Book from the New Testament Era

In 1880, something like that happened when the Didache was discovered inside an ancient codex in a monastery library in Istanbul. The Didache is a manual of practical living instructions intended for the early disciples of Yeshua. Written by the early Jewish believers in Yeshua, it contains teaching that claims to have its origin with the apostles and represents a time when Yeshua faith was still firmly rooted within Judaism.

First Fruits of Zion author and teacher Toby Janicki has completed a fresh commentary on the Didache from a Messianic Jewish perspective. He will be presenting material from the book and introducing the importance of this ancient Messianic work for both Jewish and Gentile believers today.

Join Toby Janicki as he leads a special Didache seminar in conjunction with Congregation Beth Messiah on September 28 and 29 during the festival of Sukkot.

The Way of Life is a new complete translation of the text of the Didache, with an extensive Messianic Jewish verse-by-verse commentary. It exposes a historic and authentic Messianic Jewish faith expression for Gentiles that accepted the yoke of the Messiah.

The Didache picks up right where the Apostolic Decree leaves off, teaching and clarifying for Gentiles their relationship to the Torah and place in Messianic Judaism. It was written by the early Jewish believers in Yeshua and contains teaching that claims to have its origin with the twelve apostles. Learn more about the book here.

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Friday, 2:30 PM

28 Sep — 29 Sep

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Gaby Muñoz, office manager,
Congregation Beth Messiah
Phone: 713-271-5757



Congregation Beth Messiah
Giddings, Texas


During Sukkot,
September 28-29
Exact times will be provided later

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