Malchut 2019

Friends & Torah Cub Leaders' Conference

Malchut means “Kingdom,” a concept at the center of the gospel message. In the kingdom, the King of the Jews will be recognized as the King of kings, and all nations will be subject to the throne of King Messiah. Ecclesiology is the theology of “the assembly of God” and it sits at the very heart of Christian theology. It refers to one’s theological view of the church’s shape, identity, role, and function. In most cases “ecclesiology” forms the foundation of replacement theology.

Our main educational thrust will present and unpack Proleptic Radial Ecclesiology, which is the theological perspective behind the work of First Fruits of Zion. It is a fresh, kingdom centered, Israel-centered, approach to ecclesiology. You will be equipped to share this inspiring model and be strengthened in your own faith. You will connect with others of shared values and together we will unite in our shared vision.

This conference is only for FFOZ Friends or Torah Club Leaders. Space is limited — Register Today!

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Sunday, 5:00 PM

17 Feb — 19 Feb

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