12-21 Winter Shabbaton, Hudson, WI

What Religion Are You Again?

Explaining Messianic Judaism to Your Friends

Spend your winter break with Messianic friends and learn how to answer the dreaded question, "So what religion are you again?" This three-day event has lots of winter fun including games, music, prayer services, bowling, snowtubing, and a Shabbaton at Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue, but the focus will on learning what it means to be a Messianic Jew or Gentile and how to articulate that identity to others.

  • Kosher Shabbat Experience
  • Messianic Teaching
  • Snow Tubing & Bowling
  • New Friends
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Friday, 6:00 PM

22 Dec — 26 Dec


$120 per person (Camp Tzadi Alumni get a $20 discount)


Arriving Friday, December 22 — Leaving Tuesday, December 26, 2017.


Beth Immanuel Messianic Synagogue
Hudson, WI

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