Seminars and Tours

Look out for an event in your area. Invite us to come to your region. Come on a special Israel tour.

Children of Light

Join Camp Tzadi for a special experience this winter! Reconnect with friends, both old and new, while welcoming the New Year, 2022. Enjoy fun winter activities while learning about discipleship and what it means to be bearers of light.

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WHERENashville, Tennessee WHENDecember 28 - January 4 2022

Nashville, Tennessee

December 28 - January 4 2022



Tuesday, 8:00 AM

Dec 28 – Jan 4


Wide Awake,

Join First Fruits of Zion in our first ever Young Adults Shabbaton. Meet other singles, young married couples and families and start building your community. Lectures and workshops that address issues unique to the current culture we find ourselves in. Campfires, Shabbat dinner, good food and warm cabin accommodations!

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WHERENashville WHENJanuary 6th-9th, 2022


January 6th-9th, 2022



Thursday, 8:00 AM

Jan 6 – Jan 9

Want to Host a Seminar?

First Fruits of Zion can present a variety of teaching seminars designed to educate and build up the body of Messiah, and are offering to hold seminars in your community. Contact our Event Coordinator if you would like to host one of our teaching seminars.